July 23, 2012

The World According to Americans (& other bigotries).

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The Ultimate Bigot’s Supersized Calendar.

Maps used to be boring and stereotypes used to be mean… until graphic designer and visual artist Yanko Tsvetkov, a.k.a. Alphadesigner, brought them together in one of the most clever, honest and inappropriate calendars to date.

Before you take this seriously and crucify him, you might want to let him explain his artistic philosophy. I can hear it resonate, for the most part, with my own:

As an artist, I am limited only by the span of my imagination and the level of my mastery. I’m not politically correct. Art is an expression of feelings and spirit, not a moral quest for dignity, purification or salvation. If you seek the latter, go to a priest or simply continue reading.

So, as an “expression of feelings and spirit,” Art can (should) also make you laugh.

Any Europeans in the room? If you’re familiar with Europe’s geopolitical issues, occupy this:


Speaking of priests & purification, the Vatican has a confession to make:


The Untold story behind the American Dream in four easy takes (scroll up to see it in context):









BONUS: If you really want the truth…

Ask the Brits, they know stuff.


Or the Swiss… because High Maintenance is so-like-super-NOT as complicated as it sounds…


Finally, if you want more, get the whole unabridged calendar here and give it to that bigot uncle for his birthday, with a grin.


As the chairman for the American Racists and Bigots Council (ARBC), Tom Branson, so eloquently put it:

“The world is changing, and we, the hateful and ignorant of America, need to change with it. The time has come for our ugly, intolerant rhetoric to step into the 21st century. Our disgusting, dehumanizing slurs simply must reflect the terrifying new global society we now live in. In order to continue going backward, we first have to move forward.” ~ Via The Onion News


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