August 12, 2012

Happy World Elephant Day!

Photo: SOS Elephants of Chad

Today is World Elephant Day.

I love elephants. I’ve been fascinated since I saw one at the fair when I was five.

They are majestic and beautiful. They have amazing family lives. They are intelligent.  They are playful!

They are endangered.

It makes me sad to think that my grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, might live in a world where elephants are only a memory.

What we can do:

1. Give to charities like David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, The Elephant Sanctuary , SOS Elephants and World Wildlife Federation.

2. Stop supporting forms of entertainment that abuse or exploit elephants.

3. Pledge to support a world that “protects elephants, wildlife and their habitat.”

and also:

{via World Elephant Day}

    • >>Study elephants in their “keystone” role in the environment and interrelationships with plants and other animals because all of nature is interconnected.
    • >>Learn about and support organizations that are working to protect habitat for wild elephants and finding solutions for human-elephant conflict
    • >>Support organizations that are working to stop the illegal poaching and trade of elephant ivory and other wildlife products
    • >>Support organizations that are building natural sanctuaries and alternative habitat for domesticated elephants to live freely
    • >>Do not support organizations that exploit or abuse elephants and other animals for entertainment and profit.
    • >>If you wish to experience elephants in their natural environment choose eco-tourism operators who support local elephant conservation projects and who treat elephants with respect and dignity
    • >>Support healthy, alternative, sustainable livelihoods for people who have traditionally relied on elephants, wild animals and natural resources. Learn about indigenous cultures that have traditionally lived in harmony with elephants.
    • >>Be an elephant-aware consumer. Do not buy ivory or other wildlife products. Do not buy coffee that is not fair-traded or shade-grown, nor products with palm-oil. These commercial crops are grown in plantations that have decimated elephant habitats. Only buy wood products that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes responsible management of the world’s forests, which is the natural habitat for elephants and other wildlife.
    • >>Talk about elephants at your school. Initiate an elephant study group to share knowledge and ideas about the plight of elephants and what can be done to ensure their survival into the future.
    • >>What do you love about elephants? Their intelligence, empathy and caring for one another are just a few of their qualities. Embrace these qualities and live them in your own life.
    • >>Use your love of elephants and World Elephant Day, August 12 to start a conversation with the next person you meet. Tie a string around your finger right now so, like an elephant, you don’t forget!


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