August 29, 2012

“The GOP, party of ‘family values,’ spends 3x as much at strip clubs at their political conventions as Democrats.”

Also, read this depressing comment, from a stripper it seems:

I can tell you from firsthand experience that the white, middle aged, republican demographic is very much welcome in any strip club. They like to spend a bunch of money to show off to their friends, or to impress the girl, or simply to feel like a big shot. It’s not hard at all to upsell them, all you have to do is appeal to the man’s ego and it’s a done deal.

That said, they are also the most aggressive men to dance for. They are the type to try to pull you onto their crotch really hard, and generally manhandle, grope, and lick you if you let down your guard at any point. And this type almost always tries to proposition you, and then they get angry, and very insulting, when you say no. Because us lowly strippers should be grateful that a big man like that wants to fuck us in his car after we get off work! Actually, they get angry when told no about anything. I’ve seen grown men throw fits that rival any 4-year-old’s temper tantrum, and they always pull the “Do you know how much I’ve spent in here tonight?”

You absolutely earn every penny with these guys. It might be simple, but it’s not easy work. I’m betting these girls will be ready for a vacation after the GOP leaves town. They will have earned it.


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