August 22, 2012

The Living Seed.

Life is about planting seeds, internal ones that bring us closer to our true happiness, as well as external ones that inspire positive changes in others.

Yoga is a powerful one that cultivates awareness in our lives.

Through yoga we are able to feel our internal seeds flowing and growing with vitality, while potentializing our uniqueness as human beings.


As I watch this video my curiosity and intuition are stimulated. I am able to connect with my body and feel the power that lies within my natural life cycles.

I am able to visualize the way yoga inspires sattvic diets. In Sanskrit this refers to natural foods full of nutrients and life force (Prana) energy that increase purity in our bodies, minds and souls, and make us happier, healthier and internally stronger.

As the video shows, it is simple. We bring external seeds inside our bodies to nurture our own internal ones, and through our process of elimination, these are able to cultivate newer and richer ones….the beauty of natural life cycles.

By cultivating awareness we are able to connect deeper with our seeds. We are able to open space for questions like:

Who I really am? Who is talking, my ego or is it my true Self? Why am I on this planet? What is my unique gift and how can I potentialize it in my lifetime? How can I strengthen my inner power? What is true happiness and how can get it? Is this good or bad for me? Will this hurt anyone?

These are just some of the thousand questions that our citta. In Sanskrit this means personality complex, and vrittis, or mind fluctuations, constantly formulate, but often get no time to be answered, or even meditated upon in our fast-paced Western lifestyles. Hence, it is why yoga suits absolutely anyone willing to nurture powerful seeds of true happiness.


Editor: Brianna Bemel


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