September 5, 2012

Developing Presence on Facebook for Your Yoga Career.

Facebook Pictures: Quality Content Creates Engagement.

Every day 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook. The question for your yoga studio or yoga class is, are you loading photos every day? Week? Month? Do you have a strategy for Facebook photos? Are you managing your albums?

As Tom Petty said in Into The Great Wide Open, “The sky was the limit.”

Facebook has made it easy for you to load up photos directly to your studio’s page (use the Facebook Page Manager application on your iPhone). We are adding over 100 billion photos to Facebook this year, are you really worried about adding too many photos?

You figured out how to add pictures, have you taken two minutes to organize your photos?

When you edit your albums and organize your photos, it becomes easier for us, the people who “like” your page, to navigate through an album and find inspiration to “like,” comment on and share your content. For example, if you are sharing inspirational quotes, do you have an inspiration album? How about a yoga poses or friends and family album? We don’t want albums with six photos. Consolidate your albums and make them friendly for your community.

Simple strategy: Add three to five photos to an album at a time. This will give us something to look at without monopolizing all of our time. The added bonus is your photos will be shown as a grouping, encouraging people to look at them. Facebook recently redesigned their mobile application improving how quickly photos are viewable and adding a dynamic slider so you can scroll sideways. Half of the members access Facebook from a mobile device, your social strategy has to include content that is accessible and engaging.

What else?

Start creating your own content. Start with an achievable goal, “I will take five photos of my students in Warrior II., today.”

Try uploading a few photos to your Facebook page; get adventurous and try editing some text into a photo on your computer. Do something that scares you and observe how your community reacts.

We have been waiting for you to start listening more and sharing better. Are you ready?



Editor: Brianna Bemel


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