September 9, 2012

Rock Star Sex. You Know You Want It!

So you want to know how you can turn your bedroom into a hardcore sex-making fortress of love?

Rock stars are energetic, they don’t care what people think and they go against every social convention known to man. So how can you apply these same rock star qualities in your life to enhance the energy in your bedroom and become a rockin’ & rollin’ sex star? Simple! Follow these easy steps and watch your sex life rock n’ roll! Yeah baby, yeah!

1. Forget about the orgasm! I know this sounds contradictory, because most of us who engage in sexual activity are anticipating the orgasm to occur at some point in every sexual encounter. However, this view of sex could not be more false. If you want to have sex like a rock star, focus on the act of making love as the goal, and not on the orgasm. When we aim for orgasm, not only are we missing the point of love-making, but we set all these expectations up in advance, making it impossible to enjoy the present moment prior to orgasm. Rock stars don’t worry about the future—they rock in the moment! When an orgasm strikes, let it happen. But do not equate sex with orgasm itself. Be conscious in every present moment during sex and you will see how much more intense sex can be.

2. Stop thinking and start doing! Whenever you do something that you have been trained to do, such as playing sports, you ironically think less about strategy and technique and you simply play! Get rid of unnecessary thoughts, such as, “is my partner enjoying this” or “does my tummy look fat from that angle?” When you are surrounded and absorbed by racing hormones, the last thing your partner is worried about is that little bit of left over pudge from the ice cream sundae you had last night. It simply does not happen. When your mind is filled with thoughts of passion and love-making, there physically is no room in the brain for ego and thoughts of judgment. When you start to understand that your partner is just as worried about his or her performance as you are, you begin to trust that what you are doing is always exactly what the other wants and you stop worrying. Period.

3. Go from one extreme to the next! You never see rock stars performing at a steady pace. They either rock extremely slow to build intensity, or they peak at high-level-energetic magnitudes; jumping up and down, slamming guitars to shattered pieces, drums banging so loud till you can’t tell the difference between the beat of the drum and the beating of your heart. This is how sex must be. Go intensely slow, feel every little bit of movement and breath, even if it feels uncomfortably slow…that’s okay—it means you are preparing for the eruption of energy. Then let it all out, no remorse—every bit of tension, anxiousness, and sexual emotion should get released from every pore of your body until there is nothing left. Then repeat the process. Intensely slow, then transition automatically into intensely hardcore!

4. As soon as you “finish,” remember you are not yet done! Give your body time to absorb the rock star sex you just had. Even though your mind may acknowledge that you have finished the act of sex, there are still immense amounts of electrical energies moving, not only throughout your entire body, but between and around the space that you and your partner inhabit. Lay next to each other. Feel the other’s breath. Notice their heart beat through the skin covering their rib cage. Feel the heat that exists between your body and your partner’s. Simply lay there and enjoy the lasting post-sex moments.

Always remember that sex is supposed to be fun. It should have a rhythm to it. When sex starts to feel like work, it gets boring and dull. Go with the flow, feel the energy and make sure to be conscious and intense in every single moment, no matter what! No go enjoy, you future rock stars!


Ayelet Rachel is a transformational life coach, relationship/sex consultant, motivational speaker and writer. Having traveled to numerous destinations across the globe to study spirituality, meditation and cultural communication, Ayelet’s evolving expertise span from purposeful living, guiding meditations and showing people how to live a more spiritual life through hands on experiential practice. Ayelet continues her daily practice under the teachings of prestigious speakers, writers and leaders from all over the world, focusing on Kabbalah from Israel and Vedic tradition from India. Ayelet recently returned from Israel and later India, where she spent months studying the deep mystical secrets of Kabbalah, Vedic philosophy, consciousness, meditation and yoga. By applying these secrets to her practice, Ayelet is helping people find true meaning by tapping into the channels of mind, body, and soul.


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