September 13, 2012

Totem Industries: Sustainable Workwear Project. ~ Josh Holleb

Hello, my name is Josh Holleb, and I am the founder of Totem Industries.

We are a local Boulder company that has been working in the organic and recycled apparel industry since 2004.  We have just launched our first Kickstarter Campaign for our Sustainable Workwear Project, and need your help to pre-sell our products to fund our first workwear manufacturing run.

See the campaign and donate by clicking the link below.  Or, just scroll down to get an idea of who we are and what we are doing.


Totem Industries: Sustainable Apparel for a Healthier Tomorrow. We make durable, organic and recycled clothing in the USA.

Welcome to the Totem Industries Kickstarter campaign.

Totem Industries is a small company out of Boulder, Colorado, with the goal of getting good people into cool and durable clothes at a reasonable cost.  We have been manufacturing clothing domestically since our inception in 2004.  We started as a backcountry ski company, making hemp ski pants, hemp ski backpacks, and recycled softshell jackets.

We are now focused on making clothing for everyday life, which is why we are so excited to introduce our new line of organic workwear.

Our Story

We use only recycled, natural and organic fabrics. If the fabric doesn’t have a cool story, we won’t use it. By using organic fabrics, we eliminate the need for toxic chemicals, which is better for both farmers and the land.


We design everything in Boulder, Colorado, and manufacture only in the United States. It is really important to us to manufacture domestically; it allows us to manufacture in smaller quantities, reduce shipping and transportation costs and work closely with our manufacturers. It also allows us to do custom clothing runs with special features for customers who want to order in bulk.

We love the idea of knowing our sewers’ names and being directly involved in the manufacturing process.

These simple principles make our products a little more expensive, but we feel that making a responsible choice is worth it.

Our Community

Our community is the inspiration for Totem Industries. My friend Bruce is a lawyer and works with younger adults who are trying to start businesses to affect social change. Ryan works in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, bringing skiers from around the world to experience a new culture, get a taste of the rural lifestyle, and ski.

Steve helps manage a solar installation company, doing installs around Colorado and the United States, as well as Afghanistan. Laura owns a company called Yummy Yards, working to design and install edible gardens in people’s yards. I build greenhouses, manage a farm, raise tilapia and run Totem.

These are just a few examples of the inspiration behind Totem Industries.  All of us truly believe in what we do, and Totem wants to provide clothing that stands for those same principles.


Please click the link to head to the Kickstarter campaign and see what we are offering in return for your donation.  Organic cotton twill workshirts with coconut shell buttons, organic cotton work pants and pants for around town, etc.  There are many options to wet your whistle!

And Finally…

Please remember that you are not donating to Totem. This is a pre-order: invest in Totem now, and in a few months the products of your choice will arrive at your doorstep. Shipping is included in the costs.

Your pre-order will allow us to manufacture our first line of workwear, and from there the possibilities are endless.

Thank you so much for your support, we really do appreciate it.

 Josh likes to dabble.  Clothing was his first endeavor, which somehow led to building sustainable houses and greenhouses, then to farming and raising tilapia 8500 feet above sea level.  Also a passionate skier, Josh realized that all the things he loves to do require him to wear pants, which was how Totem Industries was born.  His question to himself?

“What do your pants stand for?”



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