October 4, 2012

Artists Eating Art: BMOCA Fundraiser Attracts Art Enthusiasts & Lots of Flies.

Artists Rebecca DiDomenico, Martha Russo, the bARTer collective, Katie Caron, and Emma Hardy created an edible—for the less squeamish—environment on behalf of BMoCA.

BMoCA is no stranger to food art. It’s been a theme in the gallery’s events, and why not? It’s *ahem* ripe with metaphor. Everything will decompose, speaking to the transitory nature of time, and perhaps, our ideas of art itself.

“What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” asks the woman behind a typewriter at the entrance to the exhibit.

Overheard: “Rattlesnake.” “A weird vegan cinnamon roll.” “Rabbit brain.”

This is all in an effort to prepare patrons for what they are about to enter into. A room with a bacon chandelier, tiny chocolate genitalia, grapes draped over a half naked—alert, but totally hesitant to smile—man, and a fishy, decomposing mold of a naked female body.

The displays have been meticulously slaved over, are intricate, quite ravishing, and invite the mingling crowd to have an intimate experience with their senses.

As I shyly photographed the grape man, I was quickly ushered aside by an obvious fan of Lovedy. She is an enchanting woman, sleekly dressed like a heroine from the Fifth Element. Her fan told me that the room I was standing in was inspired by an erotic gathering.

Where does the creative inspiration for say, the gelatin female body surrounded by fish, come from?

Emma Hardy’s husband said his wife has been creating paper exhibits for years to call attention to political matters. When he opened the fridge and saw the food supplies for this particular piece, he didn’t even ask. We both pause talking, so I can take a picture of young ladies’ head positioned at the end of the wiggly torso.

The event’s atmosphere was decidedly vibrant, leaving ample room for a patron’s most primal interpretations dressed as their most civilized selves.

Kudos to Cafe Aion for catering the event, and to BMOCA for the opportunity to marvel at food.


Editor: Kate Bartolotta

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