October 18, 2012

“Cancer Took My Breasts But Will Never Take My Dignity.” {Nudity} ~ Yulady Saluti (Photographed by Robert Sturman)


Cancer is a thief.  Untreated most types of cancer will kill you.  It will steal your health and generally your spirit.  Here sits a woman, Yulady Saluti, that refused to fall prey.  Instead of allowing cancer to take from her, she took from it.  Captured by Robert Sturman in these photographs, Yulady’s poise and grace shine like the sun.  Yulady is a mother of six, loving wife and yoga teacher.  Although cancer took her breasts and multiple lymph nodes from her right arm, she refused to allow it to take anything more.  Instead, Yulady has been campaigning to educate women about her experience.  She has touched thousands of women, imploring them to “check their tatas!”


“Hello cancer, thanks for the scars, now it’s my turn and as you can see I am a cancer warrior.”


“I am a breast cancer survivor, shall we dance?”


“Cancer has scarred my body but not my heart and not my soul.”


These images were originally published in an article on Rebelle Society.

Yulady is a regular contributor to Elephant Journal. Check out her library here.

Robert Sturman’s work can be followed on Facebook.

This post is devoted to all of the lives affected by breast cancer.

May the cure be found soon.



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Read 16 comments and reply

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