October 17, 2012

Fill Me. {Adult}

Fill me
a momentary shock
of you
in me
so hot
your skin
your breath
with mine
fill me
kiss me
like the sweetest fruit
so ripe
you taste
pull my hair
envelop me
I love you
fill me
my lips, a nibble
I taste you
suck your tongue
I breathe your soul
fill me
so hot, a blaze
whisper to me
like heaven to my ears
a musical high
the sweetest notes;
fill me
your taste, so sweet
no one else
nothing else
but this moment
pure ecstasy
I will live in this moment
nothing can compare
so beautiful
all male
your flesh
on mine
so real
fill me
milky skin, stubble
a heady scent
magic and universal
an explosion of creation
fill me
two gods we are
fill me
I love you
Iʼm sick with this
my celebration
this craving
a meal
my ecstasy
I taste you
your hair, your skin
a feast
Iʼm full of you
I suck your lips
drip on me
I explore you
come inside me
the spirit of love
I love you
I love you
come with me.

Yale Weinberger writes poems about love and its beautiful colors and flavors in sexual expression. She thinks anyone who has been in love and has had a craving or longing can relate to her words. Her words relate to the ultimate expression and the beauty of passion and appetite. With love, she hopes you enjoy her words and they reach your heart and all the right places.



Editor: Lara C.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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