October 20, 2012

Load Your Love Weapon.

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My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions.”  ~ Daniel 6:22

This is #43 of 108 Ways to Livin the Moment. Let’s take back our lives one beautiful, funny and delicious moment at a time.

#43 of 108: Load Your Love Weapon

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The following is a famous conversation between Yogananda and Gandhi, as excerpted from Autobiography of a Yogi:

“Yogananda: Please tell me your definition of ahimsa.

Gandhi: The avoidance of harm to any living creature in thought or deed.

Yogananda: Beautiful ideal. But the world will always ask, may one not kill a cobra to protect a child or one’s self?

Gandhi: I could not kill a cobra without violating two of my vows—fearlessness and non-killing. I would rather try inwardly to calm the snake by vibrations of love. I cannot lower my standards to suit my circumstances.”

This was coming from a man who had an appendectomy, without anesthesia, to prove that he could separate his mind from his senses.

This was coming from a man who slept next to nubile, naked women, to test his restraint.

Let’s take the man for his word and assume that if Gandhi had come face-to-face with a cobra, he would have used the power of love to overwhelm it.

But, is such a thing possible?


Jaimal Yogis describes a similar circumstance in his new book set to launch in January.

It’s called The Fear Project and in it, he describes a woman on an open water swim, twelve miles off of the coast of San Francisco.

She has trained for this swim—and she has a spotter in a kayak watching over her, should she get tired.

But at four am in the dark, cold waters off the coast of Northern California, Great White Sharks are not just possible, they are probable.

In fact, she has even spoken to a shark expert about what to expect if an attack is imminent; she is told that swirling water signals the proximity of the monster we fear most.

And just ten minutes into her swim, she feels that very sensation…swirling water…and then the most intense pain.

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It’s not a bite but a blow to her side. Two of them. It’s not a shark but a five hundred pound male sea lion, potentially as dangerous as a shark.

It turns out the swimmer’s headlight awakened the sea lion.

The spotter in the kayak, a few hundred feet and spotting the currents, does not even hear the swimmer scream, because she makes no sound at all; she is in “the zone.”

Not ten minutes later, it happens: a Great White Shark the size of a Volkswagen Bus approaches the swimmer, clearly visible in her headlight.

But again, the swimmer is mentally prepared and mentally strong.

She has trained for this moment, just as Gandhi prescribed:

“It takes a strenuous course of training to attain a mental state of non-violence. It is a disciplined life, like the life of a soldier.”

And as the swimmer’s headlight shines upon this emerging monster from the depths…in some way, the swimmer must have recited the great mantra practiced by only the most powerful of humans:



What is a love weapon?

I know it sounds kinky—but that’s your issue, not mine.

By becoming a Momenteer, you will discover your love weapon and load it with all the ammo necessary to overcome your fears with loving thoughts and good vibrations.

If this fun, light and loving brand of inspiration makes you smile, you will love my series of week-long online programs. The first one starts in January.

These will be rich, powerful, super fun journeys that will start on Monday and come Sunday, you will see things very differently.

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