October 18, 2012

Support Mr. John Wimberly in His Run for Council in District 9. ~ Ethan Neville

Dear fellow Shambhala warriors,

Like many of you I was skeptical when I heard John Wimberly was running for council. He seems so young, but because he was a fellow Shambhala Warrior I thought that it behooved me to at least keep my mind open to what he had to say.

Here we have a young Shambhala practitioner who is engaging socially and politically. It inspired me to at least to make the effort to meet with him directly. This is all I am asking you to do. If you have not met with Mr. Wimberly you should really have a conversation with him.

As the Sakyong stated “Society is nothing more than two people having a conversation.”

I think you will be delightfully surprised by John’s depth and clarity about his Shambhalian approach to politics. He joins real practicality with great youthful, creative and energetic vision.

But, most importantly, John has the skill set to actually get things done for Halifax Regional Municipality Nova Scotia, HRM, and all of its citizens. If you seriously look at what the other candidates have to offer, John is the clear choice by far.

Unfortunately, the other two main candidates, Linda Mosher and Richard MacLean, are simply more of the status quo. John’s ideas are fresh, exciting and practical. The Unions have endorsed John which means that every household with a union member (80% in District 9) will receive a flier and a phone call urging them to vote for John based on his platforms uplifted values towards building a better society.

With this level of support, John is well on his way to winning, but he needs you.

The more youthful members of our Shambhala community are enthusiastically supporting John. However they are dismayed and disheartened by the lack of support from some of our elder practitioners.

It is our youth who will bear the burden of our decisions and lack of fearlessness.

They see the systemic fragility of the current paradigm we live in. For them the vision of Shambhala must take hold in order to sustain their future.

Take a leap into youthful possibility.

John is not playing Shambhala political dress up.

He understands the issues, is informed and engaging and has an enormous sense of equanimity. All of which creates a ground of basic sanity to explore solutions to issues ranging from our un-ecological development, to transportation, to working with diverse communities and so on.

I’ve been interacting with local council members for the last year. In addition I have spoken at council concerning development issues. I’ve found that John is far more informed and insightful about the issues and details concerning the future of HRM than most of our current council members.

John Wimberly is running a campaign to win.

 He has innovative ideas, energy, and organizational skills.

What he needs most of all is our collective windhorse to blow into the sails of this pioneering campaign.

I beseech you to enthusiastically support Mr. John Wimberly in his run for council in District 9, simply because he is the best candidate for the job.

By the way you can already cast your vote for Wimberly today!

John needs our votes, donations, & volunteer support.

In addition John has pledged that all Shambhala member donations will be given in kind to the local Shambhala Centre if he wins!

 You can find out more about all of this at www.wimberly.ca.

Your fellow warrior,

Ethan Neville

Ethan Neville’s life changed when he was five years old when he met  an extremely wise, powerful, colourful, and a deeply kind Tibetan gentleman. He grew up in Boulder and studied in Bali with the Naropa study abroad program. He  attended the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s first seminary in 1992.

He currently works for Shambhala Media in Halifax Nova Scotia. His main job is being a Papa. He lives with his wonderful wife and two children who attend the Shambhala School in the North end of Halifax.

To see and hear some of the work he helped craft into this wonderful film on the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s life.


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