November 27, 2012

50 Shades of Yoga.

Photo: Michael Kordahi

Why are so many male yoga teachers so hot?

What I mean to say is, why are male yoga teachers so much more popular than their female counterparts?

Why do we, as women, flock to their classes and seek their attention? Do they fulfill some kind of secret fantasy?

As a former Anusara-Inspired teacher, I was caught up in the vibration of Shiva energy from its masterful leader. Why did I trust the male yoga teacher so much more than my female peers? Most of the female teachers were far better yoga teachers and it took me a long time to realize that.

One of my friends—an amazing yoga teacher and an accomplished asana practitioner—just got back from training with an internationally known male yoga teacher and was doe-eyed when he engaged her and complimented her practice. I saw the look in her eye when she spoke about him. I knew that look, that lilt and excitement in her voice—the Shiva invaded her consciousness. He saw her and she was validated in her yoga practice.

I have been that yogini, wanting to connect with the Shiva energy—wanting to be seen by the teacher. It is almost like seeking approval from a father figure or being praised by a lover.

Are we still stuck in the idea that men do it better?

In North America we are still waiting for a female head of state. Or perhaps as women, we believe that this is a man with sensitivity who is connected to his softer, spiritual side and that is what attracts us—the evolved male. Maybe it’s something we have not yet experienced outside of the yoga studio.

You would think that male yoga teachers would attract more male students, but I haven’t see this in my community. The most popular teacher where I live is male with lots of female students.

We struggle to get men to the mat. Women love male yoga teachers. I can see the secret and not so secret longing on their faces during classes. Do we secretly love the idea of being told what do? (In the right context, of course.)

The pitfalls of being a male yoga teacher is hands on adjustments, women testing their flexibility in tight clothing, hero-worship and women sweating and moaning in yoga class. What does that do to the male psyche? A greater question is, what does that do to the male ego? We have seen it time and time again that some men are ruled more strictly by their testosterone than others and that can lead to a world of trouble. Not mentioning any names, of course.

Why is it we crave a male yoga teacher? What is it that we want from him that we can’t get from an equally exceptional female teacher?

I am not really sure of the answer to this question. I am intrigued by our love affair with the male yoga teacher. When I figure out what the true essence of the attraction is, I will let you know. In the meantime keep practicing yoga regardless of who is teaching your class.

So let me know in the comment section below, why do you think male yoga teachers are so much more popular?


Ed: Brianna B.


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