December 18, 2012

12 (+1) Reasons Why Numerology = Nonsense.

Every effing year, for the last 12 years, I’ve put up with this sh*t.

It’s been driving me quietly nuts. Bear in mind that as a therapist / spiritual teacher of sorts / someone who works in this field, I am subjected to inordinate amounts of New Age Fluff.

First they were banging on about the 1st of January 2001. Do you remember what happened on 1.01.01? Me neither!

I guess a lot of people had hangovers?

Next it was the 2.02.02. Hm, what happened on that day? Bit hazy, right?

3.3.03 – You get the picture.

Numerologists must have memories like goldfish! Because every one of these “special days”, when “portals” are supposed to “open into another dimension” turns out to be just another day –

mundane if you focus on the mundane, sacred if you focus on the sacred.

Just another day.

Sh*t happens, then we go to bed.

12.12.12 has just been and gone and guess what – my facebook feed was filled with people rattling on about it. Until it passed and – nothing much out of the ordinary happened!

21.12.12 is coming up and, oh look, apparently that’s when the world will end. Give me strength.

Listen up numerologists: numbers are conceptual! The part of your brain that deals with numbers is the same part of the brain that deals with judgement, comparison, and analysis.

Stop conceptualizing everything. Get out of your head. Get real.

Today’s another day – another chance to wake up to the

very real beauty of this wonderful world and really, truly, lovingly relish it.

But if you can’t manage that, be warned: next year is 2013 and there’s no 13th month to fit in to your pretty pattern! Does that mean that nothing special will happen?!

Yeah, hadn’t thought of that now, had you!


Please share this with your numerologist and non-numerologist friends, and maybe we can make 2013 a no-numerology-nonsense year. Maybe…

And feel free to leave a comment – am I being too harsh? Did something special happen on 12.12.12 that I missed? Is the world going to end later this week?!


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