December 19, 2012

Our Extinction Level Event.

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When something as tragic as Newtown takes place, it is a sort of ELE or Extinction Level Event.

No, it wasn’t a meteor or contagious disease or nuclear catastrophe and no, millions were not killed last Friday. But, if you have even a tiny bit of soul, a part of you died with those 20 children and eight adults.

Some level of innocence that we as Americans tried to protect in our culture and our children is now extinct. There’s no pretending—this has happened too many times.

For me, it really hit hard when I read the story of a mother who lost her son in the tragedy. Viewing her son’s body, she began to wail, telling her son to leave this “dark, horrible world.”

Reading that, you just want to scream, to wail, but also to squeeze tight everyone you love.


In the year 2000, my close friend’s father passed away; at the funeral, he wept, while telling a story.

The father invited him to go on a bike ride. He declined, choosing to relax at home. Within the hour, his father had passed, suddenly.

My friend beseeched the hundreds at the funeral, “When someone you love asks you do something, do it! You never know the last time you’ll see them.”

It’s a story and a quote you have heard hundreds of times, but when you see your friend crying in front of a casket, you listen. It hits you deeper. Just like the Newtown Tragedy.

We are all a little more aware right now. Something isn’t right.

So as best we can, let’s make it right.

When you see the ones you love most this holiday season, remember that the greatest gift you can give, is not your presents, but your presence.

Even the most scattered, worried, distraught relatives need to be heard, looked at, touched, loved.

Give them that gift. They will never forget it. Ask how they are doing and really listen to their response. Use both eyes to penetrate.

If they complain about their back hurting, heal them with your touch. Genuine (not creepy) touch is rare and powerful beyond measure.

When they say something that pisses you off, make so much room in your heart that their missile explodes into infinite space.

As the grieving mom who lost her son or my weeping friend who lost his dad would both attest, life is fragile, death is sudden, and revelation can and should be EXPLOSIVE.

Now is the time. Show up fully.


David Romanelli

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