January 7, 2013

The Once Hidden Identity of Bansky: a Mystery Is Put to Rest.

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Who is Bansky? Who is Waylon Lewis?

If you haven’t seen “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” or heard the name Banksy uttered in awe and speculation, or seen his provocative art sketches found on freeways overpasses, train carts, and popular city walls—they appear miraculously overnight and pedestrians are left to question their social and political implications—then, well, who are you? And what have you been talking about at dinner parties, if not this?

Spoiler alert: I’m going to tell you who Banksy is.


He is *drum roll* …. Waylon Lewis. I know. I was shocked too. I just started noticing little things, and it all added up. Like in BMoca he said a painting was reminiscent of the surrealist notion of trickery. Telling, right?

The Reasons I Know Waylon, indeed, is Banksy:

He knew that people pay obnoxious amounts of money for tomb stolen, Hellenistic period vases from ancient Greece. I was all, woah, you sure do know a lot about the art world. He got really flabbergasted.

He has a shirt that he wears to bed that says, “I am Banksy and no one knows and I feel really clever about the whole thing, but also kinda wanna tell someone other than Red,” and I was all, whoa, that’s weird that I saw Waylon sleeping, but now I know his secret.

Redford wondering whether to out Banksy.

So obviously Red’s forced confession was the next clue I needed.

I cornered Red.

And he told me everything. Where the paint stash is, that Waylon has a jet pack he uses to fly around the world and deliver his street art, that he and Red are a little jealous of Banksy’s street cred.

I deliberated on whether to tell everyone. My loyality is to the public, though. So now you know.

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