January 3, 2013

You are Free. Letter to My 5-year-old Self.

My five-year-old self wears a lot of pink.

Pink dresses to be exact. She loves to play outside. Despite the dresses she’s a rough and tumble kinda gal that likes to get into the thick of it.

Her nursery school teacher once told her mother that if ever there was a boss of the playground, it would be her. She loves her family and her friends and doing cartwheels. She’s so happy.

Here’s my letter to her:

You are free. You are free to choose—to choose the life that you want to live. You have the whole world before you and the unshakeable love and support of your family behind you. All you have to do is jump, and trust that the wind will carry you.

You’re young and smart and beautiful and live in a time and a place where anything is possible. Your path to freedom and happiness is yours for the taking.

It’s this spirit of freedom that makes you special; this sense of wonder that keeps you alive. Don’t cage yourself to suit others. Embrace who you are. Even if what you want you want and what you need seem scary a times.

Your free spirit will lead you to greatness if you just let it.

Believe in yourself. Don’t hold yourself back out of fear. Don’t let yourself be held back by others out of a sense of duty.

You’re light and loveable—let yourself soar.

Free yourself of judgment and expectations; of fear and worry. Let go and follow your heart. 

You are free. Never forget that. 

P.S. I love you.

Ed: Lynn H.

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