February 26, 2013

Enlifened. ~ Sud Ram

As I write, inspired by the spirit of the multi-faceted Avadhuta, I find that enlightenment isn’t so much an event but rather a lifestyle.

There are of course the moments and the gear shifts towards divine totality, triggered by the peak experiences that connect us ever deeper to the sacred flow of life, but just as important are the simple moments where a subtle change is the first step towards the inner revolution. As the momentum grows, so does our trust and intuition, the keys to the glorious existence that we can allow ourselves to experience on this precious planet, travelling through space and time, through dreams and poems, through love and music and maybe even through magic if we open our eyes to believe.

There is nothing static about awakening.

It is not a finite phenomenon, it is life itself, the very thing we were born to do and I find it important to remember to take pride in this, to appreciate the creative power we have received and been given in this beautiful dance we perform with the stars and the elements that give light. It is also humbling to accept that it is impossible to have all the answers and to find the gratefulness in challenging times, understanding from our essence that we have the opportunity to be present whatever the circumstances.

Some people look for spiritual entitlement through social recognition. They want to be enlightened, or a shaman or a guru, and in truth, who wouldn’t want to be? It is clearly a happy and abundant way of life when experienced with truth, but I find that in labeling this process, in creating boundaries through the meaning and concepts that we attach to words, the purpose defeats itself.

It is almost like saying one’s life goal has been attained and that one can satisfyingly sit on one’s laurels for having received the blessings of Grace when really we are asked to consciously make the effort to effortlessly tune into our natural state of being. This subtle nuance is of vital importance, not just for us as individuals, but also on the collective levels, be they social, economical, spiritual or environmental.

As we progress deeper into this guidance, our reality begins to change, the peak experiences become regular occurrence in life, what previously seemed to be fables for children becomes perceived interactions, with actual consequences that affect our daily lives. Our whole level of experience mutates into an evolved form of human activity, adapted to what we have as tools in these amazing times.

This day, this moment, the present we are living now is an invitation into the intuition that we are always carried by the consciousness that not only animates life but is found in every corner of our being, beyond the limitations of morality of right and wrong.

By accelerating this cycle of action and consequence, by giving ourselves the space to consciously experience the aspects of ourselves that we have tried to contain for so long, we allow the beauty of love, of forgiveness and of belonging to be expressed in a much more profound and real manifestation than that of fear and its by-products. We become enlifened.


Sud Ram has travelled extensively throughout the world. Today, he is still a nomad and enjoys the simplicity of connecting to the essence and inspiration of many ancient and mystical influences.

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Assistant Editor: Sara McKeown
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