February 24, 2013

Every Morning, Recite This. ~ The Dalai Lama’s Favorite Morning Prayer.

“Every morning, recite this.” ~ Dalai Lama

Buddhist wisdom, or Buddhism, is for your life—not for itself. It’s not a religion in the sense of caring about you worshipping someone or something—it’s a path, to awaken your day, and your heart.

Dedicate yourself to others, and ironically, you will gain in joy and love. So say these words, each morning—they’re the Dalai Lama’s favorite chant, and they’re yours, now, too:

Poorly-cropped photo by Waylon.

The Dalai Lama asks us to say these words, for our own happiness, each morning.

Begin the day in this way.

Whether it’s Robert F. Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Judaism…every hero and tradition has a similar mission or vision: dedicate oneself to others, and ironically, you gain in joy and love.

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Read 22 comments and reply

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