March 15, 2013

Reconsidering the Meaning of Green on St. Patrick’s Day. ~ Laura Plumb

As a child growing up in Chicago, St. Patrick’s Day came every year with great fanfare.

The city dyed the river green, people marched in parades, and my friends’ parents held their “famous” annual parties. My half-Irish father never participated in any of it. I wondered why.

“Too much,” he’d say, cryptically.

When I was 18, and living in Italy, St. Patrick’s Day was just another day on the calendar, and I realized it was possible to get through March without turning everything green, or downing a Guinness. It is hard to explain this, and my Chicago tribe might argue against, but that was genuine relief. I finally understood my father.

Now, I look at the day as an opportunity to give thanks. After all, with ancestors from Ireland, I am grateful for that lush green land and its streams of beauty, mysticism, poetry and passion that runs through generations of family. But to “green’ myself even further, instead of celebrating with a Stout, nowadays I like to lift a glass of this delicious Detox Tonic.

Spring Green Detox Tonic

1 large bunch of kale, rinsed

1 apple, cored

1 clove garlic, peeled

1 inch fresh ginger, peeled

1 handful cilantro, rinsed and chopped

1 handful parsley, rinsed and chopped

Juice of 1 lemon

1 teaspoon VitaMineralGreens, optional

1 pinch turmeric

1 teaspoon raw honey

1-2 cups water

Run all the ingredients in a blender. Strain and drink at room temperature.


According to Ayurvedic tradition, March is the perfect time to purify.

As the winter freeze begins to melt outside as well as inside our bodies, now is the time to encourage the proper run off of that melt, and a cleansing of those rivers. This elixir is just one of the many ways we can support optimal health throughout the season.

To your most green and vibrant health, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



LauraPlumbAbout Laura: Co-founder of VedaWise, I practice Ayurveda, teach Ayurvedic nutrition, write a food blog for Yogis and lead an annual 21-day Spring Clean Detox Program. Believing Yogis have the power to transform and uplift the world, my husband and I just launched Ganga Yoga to cultivate compassion and service in the name of our mother waters.


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