May 14, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 5.13.









Moon moves through Gemini, Cancer and into Leo this week.

Moon in its own sign (Cancer) from 5.15- 5.17. Though there is still ample heat in Aries because of Ketu and Mars, our attention moves to Taurus which houses Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Sun (as of Tuesday at 11:27 CDT). Find my daily moon/nakshatra reports via FaceBook.

The Taurus energy is directing our focus to stability, grounding, security, safety-issues, monetary sustenance, creativity, artistry, beauty, relationships, femininity, and expansion of these themes. There may be emotional storms and issues dictating the ego—especially those that pertain to core issues. This week will bring many of these core issues of “safety and stability” into our awareness on the emotional, mental and soul levels. Be especially aware of how your early childhood patterning has conditioned your belief systems in the areas of wealth, security, comfort and creative life-force.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Use this week to create clarity and power around your deservability. Ask for the support, comfort, security that you are longing for and trust in Divine Organization. Nature will support you, when you finally agree that you deserve your base needs to be met. This will take some deep surrender on your part and a liberation of some old patterning. What early childhood experiences set you up for feeling unworthy of your needs to be met? What life experiences have created paradigms where your needs aren’t met, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of “I don’t get support”? Get clear on the concept of re-patterning, re-learning and inviting in something new and powerful for your Self. You are capable of this Self-expansion, but the catch is that you must first ask for the support and then allow it in. Perhaps giving your Self what you need most will be a starting point. Homework: Commend your ego for what you do right. Make a list of all the things that you do well. Acknowledge your hard work. Pat your Self on the back and give your Self a hug. Affirm your Self. Next, find the holes, where are you not getting the support you need. What isn’t working for you. These are the parts of you that are still living in shadow- the areas you are not letting support in for some reason. Fill in the holes.

Taurus: Comfort is your middle name. The desire is strong in you Taurus. The need for your relationships and your life to be harmonious goes without question, yet may not be realistic. Right now there are endings that are forcing you to re-evaluate your Self, your security, your relationships. What are those emotions that keep coming up. There seems to be anger involved. Why? Find a way to transform this energy, empower your Self, and own your emotions around the experiences that are bringing discomfort and feelings of insecurity. A key focus for you right now is your digestion. What is your default for digesting your life? You are the only one capable of creating transformations and nourishment for your Self. Look to your gut and the digestive system for clues. There is a default familial pattern you have inherited. What is it and how is it effecting your gut responses? Homework: Write your farewell letters to friends/lovers/long lost loved ones- do not leave out the emotional hurts, insecurities, disappointments. Then create a fire-ritual and burn your writings. Let alchemy and the higher realms organize the rest.

Gemini: Now is a great time for you to do some house cleaning Gemini. Your work involves endings and how they impact your emotions. Specifically, notice how endings, loss, abandonment issues effect your feelings of security, safety and comfort. How do you deal with those emotions as they surface? What is your default when insecurities arise? What emotions connected to lost relationships are you not digesting? It is imperative to look to the losses in your childhood and evaluate your life patterns as a result. There is work to be done here as it is effecting your connection to “other,”career and life-offering, as well as your ego. Hint: Cutting out or cutting off before you “lose” is not an effective means of dealing with endings and emotional upheavals. Find some new patterns. Homework: Make a list of all the endings that you faced as a child (including in-utero). Topics might include moves, relationships, losses, family changes in finances, etc. Next to each topic write your emotional response as a result of the loss (the first thing that comes to mind!) Cut these topics/responses into scraps and create a map out of them by gluing them onto a large piece of paper. Add embellishments if desired.This is your “metaphor mind map.” Use it to find your way toward some new beginnings.

Cancer: What are the irritations? The rubs? Who and what are bringing the temper tantrums to you? The comfort of your ego is teetering on the fence. Is there a financial component here? This is a good week for you to dissect the ego and its need for safety and security. What is the early-childhood and familial programming that was given to you around name and fame, wealth and security? Why have you accepted this as your truth? Is it possible for you to un-tether yourself from these paradigms and false senses of security? You are smart enough to know by now that your sense of emotional comfort can not be satisfied solely by the relative (worldly) existence dear Cancer. Your list of needs has depth to it, yet what is that nagging voice of doubt, the “I’m not good enough” voice telling you right now? Your critic is your new best friend! Get to know this entity inside and out. Homework: Have a critic meet and greet. Name your critic and get to know how he/she ticks. What are his/her likes/dislikes? What sets him/her off? What appeases him/her? Create a t-shirt that says “I’m with my critic.” Wear it to an art opening, mingle, and get to know the other critics who are present. Take notes.

Leo: You have been doing ego work lately and now your awareness is becoming externalized as an offering to others. Your default is offering and giving though Leo. The real work for you is around receiving. Notice your emotional response when you are given a gift. No, really notice it. Hit the pause button and sit with the emotions and feelings that come up for you. Is there some discomfort, some negating, some interference that comes up for you around the praise, the offering, the gift given? There are some good nuggets of gold there in that discomfort Leo if you are willing to pan for it. Deservability is key, as well as finding your sources for security and safety. The ego may be saying yes to the gifts, but ego can notoriously brings a false sense of security. The emotional work here will require you to go deeper than the ego, the flash, the feel good moment, the need to be seen (which is all fine, btw). What does it take for you to feel safe and secure? I’m asking you to find your real comfort, real sense of ease, real cause of security. Hint: this will feel like a trick question for you. Homework: Find a box and wrap it with pretty paper and ribbon. Write a poem about what is inside your gift box. Answer these questions: What is the best gift I have ever been given? Who was it from? What is my relationship to this person? Why was this gift so special? What are the metaphors here Leo? Open your gift box and see what is inside.

Virgo: Look to your father right now as your Source of awareness. The discomforts right now are gifts from him and his family line. Some of your wounds are seeds from him that have taken root in you. Right now, you can gain some powerful insights into these gifts. Especially look to the pain and struggles that he has given you. The storms happening in your life are related to the storms from your childhood. These storms helped some seeds grow. Emotionally, you have some courage right now to navigate these fields of your woundology. Look at your garden and see what is growing for you in your relationships. Who are the teachers, the guides appearing to help you plant a new garden? Restructuring your default wiring around comfort, support, nourishment and wealth will bring a new relationship with balance and harmony for you. Homework: Get a package of zinnias and find a sunny spot outside to plant your garden. Dig up your soil and say out loud “I am replanting my life with new seeds of support and nourishment.” As you plant each seed in the earth, state what you are replanting. What are your needs? What are your desires? What is essential for you to feel supported, comforted, nurtured? Cover your seeds gently and mist them with water. Sing your seeds a song of growth. Tend to your garden in order for your new seeds to take root and grow.

Libra: Your work this week comes from the depths, the darkness, the mystical realms. Transformation around comfort, support and stability are occurring. These issues are from the past, and particularly exemplify your emotional insecurities. Grab a flashlight and find your shadows. You are a ghost buster this week! Find your inner victim and ask your Self why you are still looking for a superhero/savior? Take some lessons from your perpetrators—it’s really you in the disguise of “other.” How does it feel to hear that- especially when you think of your worst enemy? When the storms flair, hit the pause button and dive deep before lashing out. Lurking in the dark for treasure this week is the best use of your energy. Turn it all back onto Self. Homework: Speak your mind. Write down your biggest insecurities. What makes you feel attacked? Unsafe? Afraid to move forward in life? Who are your biggest perpetrators? (Hint: The answers to your questions are connected to womb and early childhood experiences). Then turn this into a dialogue and create a musical. Name your characters and play with facial expression. Sing it out loud with fervor. Extra credit for finding a supportive audience.

Scorpio: Based on your recent experiences, your “victim” is becoming a new friend at this point. Have you named it, claimed it and aimed it appropriately? Have you been making connections between the perpetrator/victim paradigm and the need for the superhero/savior to rescue you in this good/evil dynamic? The next stop on the journey has to do with relationships and the tests/lessons they bring you as a result. You may notice more awareness with “others” this week as you navigate the aforementioned scenarios and how they play out in this charade we call life. Which character role are you playing at any given time? How can you consciously navigate these paradigms and make them work for you effectively? Homework: Notice the insecurities that come up for you when you feel attacked and “victimized.” What are your primary responses on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels of awareness? Create characters for each of these “bodies” and name them appropriately. How do these different bodies interact with each other? What stories to do they create? Act out these characters by putting on a puppet show. Extra credit for “unmasking” your main character.

Sagittarius: You have the opportunity to win over your opponents and enemies right now. Who are these perpetrators? What crimes are being committed to you? Who are these attackers? Let me give you a few hints. These enemies are parts of your Self that have yet to be fully digested, that have not fully come to the light. These are parts of your psyche that you might be avoiding. Your insecurities are your tools of insight. Your shadow work is essential right now and can give some good results with a bit of effort. Your victim us up, so use this as a tool of awareness. The victim/perpetrator/superhero paradigm is a perfect training ground for gaining some mastery over your emotional woundology. Homework: Draw a cartoon with three characters- an evil doer, a victim in distress, a superhero who saves the day. Name your characters appropriately. The plot should be obvious right? Which character are you? Why? Which one repulses you? Go towards the repulsion and then grab your mirror.

Capricorn: The theme is “trusting the Self to be enough.” The plot is something like this: I need to know more, be more, do more in order to A) like myself more, B) for others to like me more C) for me to be more successful D) my success is determined by my monetary status and directly impacts how much I like my Self and how much others like me. You are on a hamster wheel and it never stops. You are exhausted, but can’t seem to jump off this endless cycle. The drama unfolds, over and over and over again, just like the hamster wheel you are on. Finally, you get bored/angry/filled with grief and hit your max! And voila, you find a magic “pause” button. (Cue magic pause button music). The root of this movie paradigm is of course safety and security, your root chakra issues, Capricorn. The ground you are standing upon, your foundation, your “enough” core. Trusting that you are “enough” (in all areas of your life) trumps the endless cycle of needing more and more in endless hope of satisfaction. Homework: Create a “core dance” by moving from your navel. Work from your center and let this move into spirals, circles and undulations. This is your foundation and stability dance. Your navel is your “entry point” into the creative realms. Use this center as a resource for your dance. Let your dance inform these questions: I want, I need, I feel, I am. Write a poem from these phrases and answers. Extra credit: Read your poem to your gut.

Aquarius: Home, mother and land are the core of your moksha (liberation). She is the formation of your world and has directly impacted how you are hard-wired. This default system impacts how you relate to others, who and what feels safe to you, what is deemed comfort and discomfort, and your courage to face life. Essentially, your feelings of safety and security directly impact how you live your life. Your safety directly correlates to your emotional body and its experience of life. The root of your work this week is Ma- the eternal mother vs. your birth/karmic mother. Remember, your birth mother is the perfect experience for you to learn the lessons that are needed in this lifetime. Look to the suffering for insights into your shadow work and unseen realms. Look to the joys and nourishment for what is most essential for you in your life. Homework: Write a letter to your mother. What kind of mother did you get this lifetime? What did she offer you? What did she not offer you? Find a place in your garden and dig a small hole. Plant your letter to Ma in the soil. Cover it, water it, and let Nature do the rest.

Pisces: Courage, strength, vigor! Effort, willpower, passion! Sensuality, creativity, artistry! Pisces, it’s time to unleash your wild, creative urges. Your emotional realms are perfect material for your needs to find their expression. There’s a drive and a need towards comfort and support right now and you’re doing so with a certain zest and zeal. Penetrate the unknown for morsels of understanding. Does it feel safe for you to express the depths of who you are and what your needs are? Have you surrounded yourself by those who honor your needs as valid and valuable? Your creative expansion has everything to do with owning your comfort and security and being able to aim it properly. This is where the safety issues come into play. Your word for the week is propreoception—which directly correlates to finding physical balance in relation to space and your environment. We can essentially think of this as harmonizing inner and outer frequencies. Notice where your inner life and outer life our imbalanced and not in sync. What is not being fulfilled creatively? What internal gifts are not yet being externalized? What emotions does this bring up for you? What messages from early childhood might be connected to not offering your creative gifts? Homework: Song and dance. Start your dance with your hand and begin subtly. Close your eyes and tune into the micro-movements taking place. Let these movements ripple into your entire body until the whole body is moving. Let it build, let it flow. Look to the mind and emotions for clues into the subtle. What is being said and felt? Voice these feelings. Call them out! Let these words become a spoken word poem. Then start synchronizing your body movements and the rhythm of your words. Find the pulse of your dance.


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