May 1, 2013

One Village. {Poem} ~ Amber Howard

One Village

From the words of a friend

To the heart of a sibling

To the hands we hold

In this village of one.


Love we will send

To know we are giving

And warm all that is cold

Under the rise of the sun.


And through the hearts of us all

We will mend the broken.

Tears may fall

Once you have spoken.


But we are here,

And your hand, we’ll hold

Until your eyes are dry

And your face unfolds


A smile that runs

Through the forests and deserts

Across the seas

To see once again,

Our village of one.


And we will always be one,

Together we are whole.

Together we dream

Of dancing souls


Under the moon

Next to the fire

We will dance to our song

Of what inspires



And this is our beginning,

A song of peace that’s never ending

And a dance to the rise and fall of the sun

We are a village of one.


One village.

When Amber Howard isn’t watching the bugs under your feet, she’s either writing or making art. Though shy at first, Amber has a voice and will to be heard. She attended the Global Youth Peace Summit in 2012, which showed her a new perspective of life. Meeting new people from different walks of life and expanding her family, Amber found her heart open and her shell break. Amber is a leader for peace who not only leads through her writing, but through her life as well.


Ed: Sara Crolick/Kate Bartolotta


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