June 21, 2013

Ghost or Guru?

Warning: The following is very spiritual so if you don’t have the palette for it, skip this one (and go here).

Double Warning: This might read like fiction but it’s truer than a nun’s prayer at 4am on the Vegas Strip.

Over the course of a lifetime, there are a few moments that utterly transcend ration. These moments suggest some kind of coordinating Intelligence that exists above us, around us, and most interesting of all, within us.

Yesterday, I had one of these moments.

I have wanted for so long to find a guru who I could look to for advice, but years have gone by and nobody has resonated.

While lying in a particularly awesome savasana yesterday, I found the guru.

Call it a dream, call it what you will…but I heard someone, maybe a spirit, say that he’s been “using my hands” to write.

It just felt true in the oddest and most wonderful way.

In that moment, I realized the guru I have been searching for has also been searching for me.

And this guru has a message and wants to share and needed some hands to type with and a computer to type on.

Lying there in that Savasana, I felt a huge sense of relief…because some of the stuff I write I do not live by.

Said this spirit, “Own your weaknesses. The more you have, the more opportunities for the guru within to shine through.”

So I was explaining this to my wife and she said half-jokingly, “What’s the spirit’s name?”

I didn’t answer that question because I didn’t ask his name. But a few minutes later the name “Ron” came to mind.

I know that sounds more like a porn star name—a guru should be Jelahaddin or Patthabi or Maty…but Ron??

Just wait, it gets weirder, or one might say, more awesome.

The Encounter

After walking with my wife to the subway, I wandered over to this private little spot on 6th Street and Avenue B called The Creative Little Garden.

I wanted to breathe a little deeper on this beautiful June morning in New York City.

The Garden appeared to be locked but I tried anyway and was able to enter.

I found a table in the back of the garden where I could post up and write.

There was a guy in the garden, sitting nearby.

It was a peaceful morning, good energy, and the man spoke.

“Hi I’m Ron,” he said.

Swear to God!!! So help me die!

Cue the Twilight Zone Music….

Turns out Ron runs The Creative Little Garden.

He invited me to become a member. And then he went his separate way, tending to the garden.

All I could think of was Richard Bach’s Illusions, and the airplane mechanic named Donald Shimoda who part-times as a messiah.

Ok, so maybe he is just Ron who runs The Garden. Fair enough.

But maybe just maybe…there are a million spirits at play all around us.

And maybe, just maybe, these spirits are searching for people with cracks in their armor, weaknesses in their system through which they can shine.

Here’s something to consider today:

If you spend a lot of energy trying to repair yourself and shore up your weaknesses…how about today, just for fun, allow yourself to be the cracked vessel, the splintered gate, the flawed being.

As a man of faith once said, it’s a hard battle to seal up and hold ‘Em back…and a sweet release to breakdown and let ’em through!


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

{Photo: via Holly on Pinterest}

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