June 25, 2013

The Art of Loving Your Total Opposite.

He goes left. You go right.

He says “Technology is great!”; you say “How beautiful is that butterfly?”

He is yinning while you are yanging—opposites are quite an experience.

To say, “I want to be with someone who is my total opposite,” is asking for mirrors and shadows of yourself; it is noble to want to explore what your other half might offer.

The question remains “Do opposites attract really provide the sustenance and love that will go the distance?”

Loving your total opposite requires a complete awareness of oneself.

When one partner is floating around creating and getting inspired, the other is grounded and engulfed in security and stability. Granted, you can meet halfway on several issues and important topics, but the glaringly obvious comes in the form of how opposites live their lives.

It is possible and plausible to want to spend your life with your opposite; it simply takes patience, awareness and plenty of acceptance. Toss in some middle ground activities together and you have a true recipe for success.

I couldn’t imagine partnering up with someone who thinks exactly like me, who works the way I do, who dreams in colors and shapes, who likes to explore the possibilities of the unknown. I fly by the seat of my pants; I am not particularly interested in navigating with a GPS on any occasion. My accounting skills are simple and archaic, but hey, they are in sync with who I am.

A partner, on the other hand, might be knee deep in syncing up ledgers, pondering the planning of the next trip, and engrossed in critical thinking. The very thought of this makes my head spin! But, that’s okay. I’m submerged in what story I can create on paper, and who I can call and chat with about existential things. My way can make an opposite person roll their eyes and wonder where I came from. I accept that.

The actual art of loving your opposite doesn’t need to take a great deal of “work.”—it is getting to the core of the emotional self that dictates how opposites can relate. The authentic work begins by being open to change; if you can honor your intuition, and change the limitations within yourself, that common thread between you and the other person will merge into oneness.

You can bring out the best in each other on any given day.

The worst may only surface when you need to accept that dark shadow of your self, admit it, then let it go. The rewards are so far reaching that you both can transform each other in a positive way. This attraction to your opposite is bound by something even Mother Nature can’t explain, yet was possibly predestined all along.

What we see in our total opposite is a quality we either abhor in ourselves, or secretly wish we had. Either way, the mutual respect and connection is quality beyond our control. You can have goals and dreams that strangely look the same, knowing that eventually, you will achieve the end result.

If one partner is all tied up in analysis paralysis, the other partner can show them the light. It goes both ways. The right brain thinker can pick up some left brain habits and be grateful for the discomfort of a new learned behavior.

Opposites can be actually be cut from the same cloth-up; it’s up to both to own that disowned part of yourself.

Loving your opposite person is like asking for an overhaul into your inner core. It’s a deep need to satisfy the longing in your heart and soul for what makes you tick. The perspective on life through another person’s eyes, who is nothing like yourself, is so incredibly awesome that it covers all the bases of living.

You might want to clobber him (or her) on many days, and he (or she) might want to run away forever based on the differences, but it’s the singular bond of loving each other in spite of the opposite ways that keeps the love authentic.

The lessons through the opposites-attract relationship are priceless and one-of-a-kind.

Be willing and courageous to get out of your comfort zone; learn from their opposite ways. Stay true to yourself, yet be open and flexible to understand who they are.

Whether in business or love, the art of loving your total opposite is a transcending experience.

It originates in the heart; it lasts in the soul.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise


 {Photo: via Suzanne on Pinterest}

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