July 16, 2013

Can I Hug You?

According to recent statistics from the United States Department of Labor, each day Americans spend on average:

  • 528 minutes working
  • 507 minutes sleeping
  • 160 minutes watching TV
  • 26 minutes on Facebook
  • 18 minutes exercising
  • 0.2 minutes showing affection

Life is too short to spend even a single day without a little bit of good lovin!

Yet, we race through life and go entire days, weeks, even months missing a deep connection with another human being.

I am not talking about the occasional “I love you” to your spouse or kids as you race out the door.

I mean deep, authentic, real love.

And there is no better way to say I Love You…than with a One Minute Hug.

Yes it’s awkward and it lingers a bit…but for cryin’ out loud, do you not have one minute each day to dedicate to another human being?

In fact, I believe so strongly in the power of the One Minute Hug that I hit the streets and tested it out on the moodiest people in the world…New Yorkers.

Intrigued? Check out Episode 2 of my new show YEAH DAVE on uLive!

The One Minute Hug Sweepstakes 

I am so passionate about spreading the message to Give More Love…

…that if you share the episode and let me know by clicking here (enter ‘Enter me into the One Minute Hug Sweepstakes’ in the subject line), and you will automatically be entered into the One Minute Hug sweepstakes.

We are going to select a winner and I will come right to your home to give you a One Minute Hug. Swear to God!

If you live anywhere in the 50 United States (including and especially Alaska and Hawaii!), I will show up on your doorstep, give you a One Minute Hug, and we will spend the day celebrating life!

a. Watch the episode

b. Forward it on by clicking one of the social media links to the right of the video.

c. Enter the One Minute Hug sweepstakes (enter ‘Enter me into the One Minute Hug Sweepstakes’ in the subject line). The more times you share the video, the better chance you have of winning.

d. Spread the word: Good Lovin’ is Good Huggin’!



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 Ed: Bryonie Wise

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Read 1 comment and reply

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