July 20, 2013

How to Love a Girl Who Juices. ~ Kate Bartolotta & Bryonie Wise

It has been fun writing this series and wrestling with the craziness of July and Mercury Retrograde. I love collaborating with Bryonie, and we thought it would be fun to pay homage to a popular theme on elephant as we wrap up.

As an aside, I know some people take issue with the word “girl” in these homages to Rosemary Urquico’s Date a Girl Who Reads. In fact, when I wrote “How to Love a Girl Who Writes” there were a few commenters who were downright angry at me. Of course, I’m a woman. All of us beyond age 16 or so are women. But what about that irrepressible part of you that’s just you, that girl part that often gets stifled and set aside as you grow up?

That part of you that bubbles up with exuberance and delight at the things you are passionate about? The girl part. I still have that—and I hope I always will.

So how do you love a girl who wants a life full of juice?

If you find a girl who juices, hold her close (but not too close in July, during Mercury Retrograde, because it’s a million degrees out). Bring her dandelions—greens and all—and mint to add to her concoctions. Let her tell you all the things tumeric can do for you and what she can tell about your health by looking at your tongue.

What is it about juiciness that’s so appealing? A girl who juices knows that life crashing down on us doesn’t kill us. The times that stretch us and take us to our limits don’t break us and don’t have to make us bitter. The things that would seem likely to crush us just serve to rid us off all but what’s essential.

Chances are, if you love a girl who juices, after a long, hot day, she may try to coax you into a bath, to soak with either apple cider vinegar or Epsom salts; don’t fear—you won’t smell like a salad, but you will come out of the tub feeling more alive then you have in years. It’s almost as if she’s reached into your heart and hit the reset button.

A girl who juices knows that sometimes, before we can go out in the world, we have to dive, deep down inside and settle what’s within.

If you love a girl who juices, she will tell you which fruits are yin and will bring you out of your funk, and which will ground you when you’re feeling scattered. She’ll bring you cold delicious plums when you’re overheated, and dark luscious kale when you’re being a grump. She will make you watermelon salad for dinner, and feed it to you with her hands.

If you find her lying on the ground, don’t be alarmed. She knows that there’s something about lying in the grass looking up at the sky that we all need sometimes. She might take to wandering in the woods, and when it’s hot she might just jump right in the lake. Juicy days require extra water, after all, but she’d love it if you came with her.

Keep her close, this girl of yours; it’s likely she is made of the sun, moon and stars. She will feed you raspberries from her finger tips and share with you the secrets of her heart. Likely, a girl who juices will be fierce with her intentions and she will run and leap ahead with zest—there will be times, too, when she comes crashing down. Offer her, in moments like these, something that will quench her soul.

A girl who juices will want to explore the deep jungles of life and pick coconuts from the trees themselves. She’ll sit with shamans and mystics (and learn that love is the only thing in this world that can save it)—and she’ll match her breath with yours, as you move your bodies, side by side, mat to mat, sweating that which no longer belongs into the earth below.

She’ll speak her mind, with kindness first, and if it feels like her words are stuck, then ask a girl who juices if she’s a girl who writes, too. Chances are, her words have worked their way through her finger tips, a jar of  juice to fuel her thoughts.

If you love a girl who juices—whether she’s your lover, sister, friend or mother—you are blessed. For she knows that the most delicious parts of life are meant to be shared, and that after all the difficult things in life try to crush us, our sweetness and juice is what’s left behind.


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