July 27, 2013

The Call of the Soul. ~ Lauri Ann Lumby

Doorway to My Soul by Katarina Silva

Who and how are we uniquely called to be?

For each and every one of us, there is a unique call that, when heeded, leads us to a place of inner fulfillment, contentment and joy. This unique spiritual sound is the magnificent way in which we are called in service to ourselves and to the world and is accomplished through our own unique vision, gifts and passions.

In heeding this call, we are birthing our soul, our truest self, our most magnificent self—the person God made us to be. Attending to the soul’s calling is the most important work we can do in the world, because in birthing our souls we are providing a model for others to follow when their soul calls to them.

The soul is a mysterious spiritual thing. It whispers to us in our dreams, through our imagination, in the tiny voice of intuition and in various physical sensations.

Soul can also show up as restlessness, rage, hatred, anxiety, tension, worry, depression and despair—especially when it is being ignored or not getting the attention it knows it deserves.

And soul is messy.

Soul does not show up in a tidy little package that fits into the tightly woven box of societal constructs or expectations. In fact, soul is anything but compliant.

Soul breaks down barriers, boundaries, traditions and rules and will not fit into anyone’s box. And soul is surprising. Soul shows up when we least expect it and in the most unexpected way. But one thing we can be sure about soul is that it reflects our gifts, our passions, our hopes and dreams, and it holds within it all the ways in which we are able to be in service to love and to the world.

Soul grasps it all and is limitless in what it is able to hold. And soul is big—big as in terms such as healer, teacher, provider, helper, lover, muse, comforter, guide, counselor, etc. But, by definition, soul cannot be defined; instead, it defines itself in its revealing. Soul grows as we engage in it and teaches us who and how it wants to be. In recognizing it, we are the student—the soul is our teacher.

How is your soul calling to be born into the world?


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