July 28, 2013

The Technological Truth.

To the army wives and other military spouses who wait on time and space

Circumstance–an ambiguous knock at the door from a fellow sergeant.
To those lovers of the 20th century whose only means of communication,
Contingent -on carbon-copy paper, lead pencils and a trustworthy delivery boy.
My stomach flips and my hands tremble when I think of those lovers
With no other way of communicating except letters via post-mail,
In which days perhaps months would pass without word from either partner.

Long distance relationships still entail lengthy hours and distances of separation,
Although today, Skype and International Calling Cards have made it easier for us to connect.
At this very moment, my computer mouse gravitates towards the desktop symbol
The white ‘S’ with a blue backsplash is so vital, so resourceful.
It is what sustains me and the love of my life thousands of miles away

How does that globally-recognized, small blue-and-white “S” logo possess so much power,
how does a Webcam possess the ability to sever relationship bonds,
how do Facebook pictures, profile and relationship statuses foster irreparable damage

Circumstance can be quite rewarding, yet often cruel
Yet, if so many lovers before us have been able to sustain their relationships
Without the aid of webcams, emails and instant message,
What could prevent our love from lasting in this century?
A love so deep, so passionate should be resistant to change,

We have the technology to keep our relationship strong.
I know he feels the same for me, but I cannot help but think that feelings can change,
that circumstances –the distance, time and experience –
and especially, the use of technology to facilitate fading emotions,
will eventually render a person out of love.

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Ed: Sara Crolick

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