July 13, 2013

We, the Beholders of Beauty.

What defines beauty?

Many gurus have touted this thought as the route to nirvana and the inner sanctum of life; however, our perceptions run amok! Do we choose to observe from the outside, or do we take a moment, and look at our own self?

To see things as they are, and not as we wish them to be, is a statement unto itself.  Sounds simple enough, yet there is so much trash-talk and widely divided sanctions that I had to wonder: why is beauty so important?

My own thoughts run like this: everyone has a gift, we are all so unique that trying to compete with another is self-sabotage, the pettiness of humankind takes a toll on your heart, who is to say that what we do and who we are need to be measured in public forums, and lastly, peace within brings more beauty to oneself than any other form of outside influence.

That hurtful term called “judgement” can cast a spell far and wide. Judging others based on color, religion, sexual preferences, dietary habits, what they drive, the clothes they wear, the activities they participate in—it’s all so self-defeating, and almost deafening. Media resources tend to magnify every nuance of what isn’t considered normal, and people jump on the bandwagon of judgement. It hurts my ears when I hear such slander towards another human being or animal.

We, as the beholders of beauty, can curve our perceptions and offer acceptance. Acceptance of others, and acceptance of self. Just when we seem to be on a track moving progressively forward, some issue derails us and sets us back. Yes, Mercury retrograde has had a hand in quite a bit the past few weeks, as well as the emotional moon phases of late, but I feel we can do better.

Not perfect, mind you, just better.

The next time a judging thought or comment arises in your psyche, ask yourself, is this helpful? Are they in pain? What is actually going on with me, instead? Until we walk in another person’s shoes, will we have the ability to offer more forgiveness, kindness, and compassion. It’s all right there, just waiting for us.

We have eyes. We have feelings. We all have beauty. We are all unique. What a great way to live!!!

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Ed: Sara Crolick


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