August 13, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 8.12.

Moon moves through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and into Capricorn. Moon is debilitated in Scorpio the 14th through mid day on the 16th CDT.

There is ample movement with the planets this week as well as over the next 10 days.

Venus has moved into Virgo, its sign of debilitation as of 8.11 and is still weak (sandhi) through the 13th. Venus will be in Virgo until 9.5 (receiving drishti from Mars until 8.18) and during the next few weeks it is good to be aware of the possible feelings of disappointment and irritation that may arise. Look for being overly critical in regard to relationships, creative endeavors and artistic pursuits. There may be irritations, let-downs, the need to do better, have better, make it better. The “not-good enough” syndrome may be working its charm on you. It is important to stop and give conscious attention to these feelings when they arrive. The “critic” is an opportunity for us to work with what is, to attend to what is not getting nourishment, and to find new ways that bring support. Don’t overindulge in sweets and alcohol. Look for an article later this week with more details on working with the critic.

Sun moves to its own sign, Leo, on 8.16 where it brings some strength to the overall transits. This week, however, Sun is sandhi as it changes signs and will still be quite delicate. The good news is that Sun will be out of the gaze of Saturn now and will be able to offer some shine, some ferocity and its natural stabilizing effects. This is a positive since Mars will also go into debilitation on 8.19 as it moves to Cancer for over a month (until 10.5).

Debilitated Mars will bring a certain impact to our emotions, our heart center, our home experience. Mars will give drishti to Saturn and Rahu (currently conjunct in Libra) which will kick up some storm energy with relationships in general. This will be particularly important to be aware of while Venus is debilitated in Virgo as Venus is the ruler of Libra. Be mindful of your emotional state over the next few weeks and channel this into creative activities as well as meditation and self-care. Look for ideas, projects and creative engagement activities in my daily Moon Mind posts.

Mercury joins Sun in Leo on 8.20. More on this next week.

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*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Horoscopes :::

Aries: There is a lot of movement this week with courage and self-initiated actions as well as with house/home and emotions. Late in the week the energy shifts with children, creativity, sensuality and higher learning. Don’t forget to attend to heart/home emotions and mother matters as a result. Relationships still demand attention and offer great insight and awareness for you. Work with the mental/emotional bodies and allow some transitions to become conscious now. Watch debts and be aware of creeps. Don’t get taken advantage of, don’t become a victim or go into “victim mode”. Knowledge is key.

Taurus: Momentum and movement with sustenance and courage takes place this week. You are figuring out how to thrive. What does this mean for you and what does this look like/feel like? How can your home space become a thriving enterprise for you on the inner and outer levels? How can you be in service without feeling comprised and drained? Your ability to give and receive is part of the missing memo. Don’t mistake the lull in romance for your own boredom. Learn to survive and thrive alone and tend to your “imperfections” first and foremost.

Gemini: Your dance with the creative has gained some strength recently. Using developing insights into the emotional and mental bodies can intensify your findings and cultivations. Use all of it, the range of emotion, the beauty and the messy, the happy and the tragic. Keep the dial on creativity and use the courage to act this month. How will you charge forward? Even when the emotions and the mind play their tricks? Can you dance with them and alchemically turn them into allies, into support, rather than mischief makers? The opportunities for creating high level art (with self and others) takes center stage in the coming weeks. Find the magic within and with others.

Cancer: Take some of this compassion and caring that you gained this last month and carry it forward with the coming weeks. Your heart work continues to be a general and prolific focus both creatively and courageously. Wealth and necessary life sustenance becomes a focus for you this month. What are your greatest needs and desires? Who and what are keeping you from accessing the center of this wealth and nourishment? Enter the critic, the judge. Who is this guy and what can he teach you about your own brilliance? When mental and emotional bodies flare, it’s time for the self care and self hugs. Maybe it’s time to call in a good friend? Or maybe you are your own best friend?

Leo: You may find your self working with some sense of “royal discomfort” in the coming weeks. What insights or gains can you carry forward from the last month? What new emotional/mental resources are now working with you, not against you? There may be some imbalances over the next few weeks with your inner and outer realms. It will take courage and consistency to even the scales, but don’t muscle it with ego alone. I challenge you to resource from something deeper, beyond the surface, in order to get the job done. Ask for help if necessary.

Virgo: Liberation comes over the next few weeks, but only as you work constructively with the challenges that arise. Discomfort with your self and others hits a maximum and taking alone time might be your only solution. Radical self care, ritualized self care, and dedicated time for spiritual pursuits will serve you well. This week it will take courage to initiate the momentum in this direction. Be conscious, be firm, be regular in your action steps. Find gain through structured activity and stay out of the mire of self doubt, self loathing and self critiquing. Perhaps finding the friend in the foe is the answer.

Libra: Movement in and out of your career house occurs this week. Expect some reorganization on the mental/emotional levels. Prepare for a shift later in the week through friendships (a general theme for the month to come) as well as some financial boosts. Your ability to make some strides right now is interdependent on your relationship to self and how in tune with the mental and emotional bodies you choose to be. Storms, relational woes, and career/educations pursuits can all become tools for inner balance. This takes courage and perseverance as well as a certain dedication. Remember, step one foot at a time and breathe.

Scorpio: Your transformations are your transcendence. Where most will struggle this month with emotional disconnect and potential mental/emotional discord, you will find a way to use the disharmony in order to thrive and survive. Beyond maintenance, your insights will become a potential tool that can then be offered to others- so take notes. Get really familiar with your critic. Can you give it a name, befriend it, invite it over for tea and scones? Do your research and don’t neglect or avoid. Dissatisfaction can be great medicine if used properly. Towards the end of the week, you start to shine and people take notice. Though this month may not turn you into the next Madonna, you may still end up with a few note worthy accolades. Work it.

Sagittarius: Thoughts, emotions and people are moving in….and moving out. Transformations and transitions abound. Who is invited to stay a while longer and who needs to be kicked to the curb? Work your boundaries and get clear within in order to create some new conscious relationships. Father and guru enter from stage right this month. Perhaps some illumination, a spot light, will shine, and some new awareness will be gained. Use this time to gain and acquire knowledge and passion. Be protective of your creativity and who you share it with. There will always be critics and judges. Befriend the haters on an inner level, but don’t put up with BS on the outer.

Capricorn:  You continue to learn from what is not working, what isn’t serving you or others. This is the “mismatching” syndrome- those who instinctively know what the problems are and find them constantly. These problems may or may not need to be “fixed”. I recently realized that problems aren’t problems until they become conscious. Until the problem is recognized as a problem, it isn’t one. You are wearing your problem glasses right now and yet there’s an ability to use that to your advantage if you work with it consciously. This is your opportunity to create great inner personal change and inter personal change. And of course it starts within.

Aquarius: It seems as though the stormy season is your best teacher. Great inner awareness provides the necessary foundation for effective relationships. The movement  in and between your houses of passion, service and relationships provides you opportunities to work with your new insights and findings. Partners and “others” begin to shine; don’t get scorched. Watch tempers and temper tantrums. When the energy soars, harness it and use it with purpose. How can you use your emotions as your greatest resource? What can they tell you about your needs? How can you use them as a resource for self-care?

Pisces: The theme of being critical of “the other” continues to work its charm on you. Who and what can you learn from when the emotions heat up? How can you keep cool, especially this month as your gut fire strengthens? You will have ample opportunity to digest, to shine in service of others, to cook your debts, but at what costs? Your dissatisfaction with others can become a real pain in the gut if you let it. Resource with the mental/emotional bodies before the fires blaze out of control. It’s an excellent time to put your creativity into action. Create- with self and with others- and see if you can find the alchemy emotionally as a result. Transforming the heat into water and riding the waves is essential.

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Ed: Sara Crolick

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