August 20, 2013

Meditation to Open the Heart of Confidence. ~ Edith Lazenby

Photo: Cornelia Kopp

Om, Om, Om

Sometimes I want to take all the chambers of my heart and close them; I want to crawl away into a hole and pray for it to fill with light.

And sometimes the angst and anguish is more than I can hold.

These are the times I step back from the ache and hold the flicker of hope before my eyes. These are the times I fold my hands to know one always has the other. These moments challenge and I go to where I can keep those heart doors open and let a confidence root into the blood so I know, no matter what, I’ll stand and grow.

So get comfortable to go on a journey where the ache melts into flower petals and the sweetness of honey meets your heart.

Lie down on your back or sit comfortably. Place your hands on your heart or where they can receive the love in you. And plant the magic seeds that here will bloom.

Take deep breaths. Inhale the breeze on the leaves out your window. Inhale the sunlight. Inhale the blue sky and wisps of clouds.

Feel the confidence in the air bud in each chamber. Let the doors open and close as the diaphragm moves. Remember every time a door closes another opens, and another, and another. Let hope plant its roots in the courage of the earth and continue to breathe ease.

Connect to the heart flowering in every moment. Smell its sweetness like roses in bloom. Let the joy of nature’s birth bear fruit in your mind’s eye. Chant Om, Om, Om.

Meet the vibration in every beat that moves the blood. Invite grace with every inhale. And with every exhale let courage build so you know what lives and dies cannot maim you. Remember spirit has wings and feel her fly within you and know she will fly without you.

Let the moment feed your heart as your heart gives birth to all you need and crowns desire with a honey bee.

Desire meets passion. Need fuels desire. Let the rain of your need water your desire so passion can breed action where giving gives meaning to all you know, where fear melts and you stand in your light.

Stand in your light. Don’t deny the dark but shine your light so you can let love fertilize the land of your dreams.

Dream. Dream of gardens and mountains. Dream of trees. Dream of all you need glowing in the love that your heart holds and hold it close to you so you can share it with those you love and those you don’t.

Know confidence is a gift you give yourself. So give it to yourself in every moment and remember loss is another word for gain.

Now keep breathing. Wriggle your fingers and toes. Return to that heart you know. And take what you can to give when you can.

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