August 4, 2013

Why we don’t say “Sh*t” (on Facebook).

The below exchange comes via our big popular Facebook page, where we see profanity in comments a half dozen times a day, and get complaints about it. My personal view, not that it’s relephant, is that Huck Finn swore like a sailor, and he turned out alright. ~ ed.

Reader: [in response to a post about the science-based safety or lack thereof of microwaves] Probably. I don’t even care, they can’t cook for shit.

Elephant Journal Amen! But keep convo clean on this page, children sometimes read.

Another Reader: So, EJ, though I try not to use profanity in posts on this page or others, I find it a bit hypocritical that you call Angie out for her language when many of your headlines and photos would be at least as damaging to children viewing your page–“bitchy resting face,” “fat wives” and sex, graphic images of abused women, etc

Elephant Journal Woah. “Bitchy” is okay on TV, “sh*t” isn’t. Our headlines clearly warn if there’s any graphic content, and we do not share graphic content in photos on this page–we warn that they may be in the post. We are not trying to be a children’s site–we do cover issues such as domestic abuse, sexuality, among many other non-graphic issues. “Fat Wives” is the headline from a Newsweek study, and is not recommended as a term to be applied to anyone we wish to remain friends or lovers with..!

Bonus: F*ck the F*cking F*ck.

Another relephant bonus: (with lots of naughty words):

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