September 11, 2013

On This Day. ~ Wendi Strauch

On this day, sky exploded in sorrow.
Gaping holes appeared and void imprisoned the heart.
Shrouds of ash heavy, falling, floating

Burying remains of those we loved or never knew and memories we would never
I fail to unloose my grief.
I lost no one I love this day.
How do I settle the shift?
Consciousness communed that day.

Exposed the shared
Stripped the sheath
Demanded its due.
We all lost something this day.
No one is exempt
Terror still lingers both here and beyond

I can no longer deny my part in the gash
That which binds us all, knows nothing of the shoal
There is no sanctuary for the heart
When unknown souls suffer

So sorrow be my shroud
Wrap me then with love
Help us find our way
To heal our broken hearts.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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