September 5, 2013

One Pink Hula Hoop Can Transform Lives. {Video}

Imagine my delight as I stumbled onto this amazing video of different cultures, generations, and sexes who felt the exhilarating experience of dancing in a pink hula hoop.

I have a very dear friend in Carmel, California who is taking this pink hula hoop class, and although I was enriched by watching this clip on what she’s actually doing these days, I was more enchanted by her willingness to do something different.  

She is a gourmet chef/caterer to many in the pristine areas of the peninsula, which is Monterey Bay. She works hard. She juggles about a thousand different things every single day. When I recently learned that her passion now involves learning how to hula hoop with Jocelyn Gordon, I was beyond thrilled!

Check out this video, and go ahead and smile. Something about this simple act of shimmying your hips to a thin plastic circular object is making the world go round. No pun intended. I’m so grateful and happy to share this experience with you.

What an inspiration! For both me, and my dear friend, who is willing to take time for herself to learn this movement.

Sometimes, indulging in a little self-care and child’s play can make the world go round!

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Ed: Sara Crolick

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Read 6 comments and reply

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