October 31, 2013

Saving Lives: We’re Put Here to Help Others.


At my niece’s basketball game a few years back a lady fell from the bleachers and broke her leg.

The bone was sticking out of her skin, her face went white, and my instincts was to comfort her, to keep her mind off the broken limb until the medics arrived.

I asked her to slowly count to 10. I counted with her to keep the slow pace, then I asked her to think of her favorite place in the world. I asked her to describe the place to me. I kept asking her questions, why it was her favorite place, and things of that nature until she was taken away. I also kept reassuring her when her mind naturally went to the pain and looking at her shattered bone, that she was going to be alright. I held her hand, kept looking into her eyes, and told her to keep looking into mine.

She was taken away in an ambulance and the medic asked if I were a nurse because, I was told, I helped to keep her from going into shock.

But truly what had happened was an inner calm came over me, a profound selflessness entered me, and all I could think of was to help her, and I simply did what I would’ve liked done to me.

Heroic behaviors performed by innocent bystanders rescuing people in the face of life or death situations is what this video powerfully portrays. The footage shows how people rescue others for no reason other than the simple notion, “We’re Put Here to Help Others.”

I wondered upon watching this video the impact such a video could have on humanity if on the news every night we were shown these heroic, heart warming deeds that surely happen every day. I wondered about the power such footage would have on the collective consciousness.

This video, of people saving the lives of strangers, truly conveys our most natural state of being, how we truly do care deeply about the lives of one another.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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