November 13, 2013

And So We Begin Again. ~ Kate Bartolotta & Bryonie Wise

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Stop what you are doing—put down your juice, put on your coat, go outside and look up at the sky. Marvel in the sparkle of the stars, the shine of the moon.

Take a deep breath in and sigh it out through your mouth.

If you’re juicing us or just following our adventures, it’s day two of our juicefest and it’s time to take a moment to find the ground.

With our feet firmly planted, rooted into a foundation that holds us in each and every movement, we can allow our spines to dance skywards, and we feel the touch of the air grace our skin

This is being alive—and this is how we’re both feeling today.


Bryonie says:

I am air, I am light, I am ground.

I am everything and nothing and all of the things in between—I am cold and tired and hungry, yet, I am warmth and rested and full.

Today, there is a scatter to my thoughts, yet I can see over the top of the confusion and frustration. I can see who I am meant to be, which is me, right here now and that will change tomorrow and the next.

I stayed physically still today as much as possible and let my thoughts go wherever they needed to and this made all of the difference. The air is colder and I can smell snow is on the way and I both want to rejoice and cry at this thought, as at my heart I do better in warmer weather.

At the same time, it means that I can continue to prepare myself for hibernation for the winter months, to work on sewing my heart back together, breathing ideas into life and working on visioning for the months to come.

The gift of today is the immense sense of clearing I feel down to my bones—not without struggle, not without examination of my limited beliefs, not without the work of emptying my closets of skeletons so that I can begin again—but here I am, ready to start again.


Kate says:

As I mentioned in our Facebook group, I’ve found that the second day of juicing is the toughest. All of the brain cobwebs start getting kicked up. It doesn’t feel as fun and exciting as it did the first day.

Around midday, I felt incredibly energized and motivated to clean out…get organized. I took care of a few tasks that had been hanging over my head for several weeks. And then….yeah. I hit a wall. But instead of my normal approach of trying to push through it, I decided maybe it was worthwhile to listen to the rhythm my body and brain were setting for me. That is probably the best part of all this. We do tend to modulate our mood and energy with food, coffee, etc. What if we listened to our body and mind for cues to how to nourish it instead?

I joked earlier that I wanted to juice some pancakes, but really, that was a big cue from my body that I wanted something warm, sweet and nourishing. I made myself some tea and warmed my dinnertime juice. And tomorrow, I might feel totally different. I might be dragging in the morning. I might bounce out of bed. But what I love to take away from this is getting back to that internal rhythm and letting it move me, instead of fighting it all the time. (And on that note…I will probably be heading to bed soon.)

My favorite juice of the day:


Beets, blackberries, cranberries, grapefruit and ginger. Tart and earthy at the same time.


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 Ed: Bryonie Wise



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