November 22, 2013

The Wonder of Crickets Singing.

Is it God, the Holy Spirit, or simply technology and our ability to shape, transform and manipulate nature sounds?

I don’t quite know, but it does sound like a beautiful choir I’ve heard many times at Christmas.

Choirs often bring the sound of what we as humans think the divine would sound like, down to earth, so why shouldn’t crickets be able to, too?

I always loved riding my bike, when I lived in Florida, listening to crickets for hours, meditating on their sound as I pedaled, and after hearing this tape, with crickets at their natural speed and slowed down speed, it makes me wonder about my infinity for those bike rides and the calm it always gave me.

The overlapping of the same sound recorded, one at natural speed and the other at a slower speed, intertwined, makes a glorious sound kin to a choir and me filled with wonder and wander.

Is it God him/her/itself that is speaking through the rubbing of the legs of these crickets, or simply mankind wanting us to believe that this is possible?

Maybe it’s as simple as our need to slow down to listen, to possibility, to infinity, that seemingly can be found in the sound of crickets. Or maybe we’re asked here to suspend our disbelief and enjoy.

No matter what the reason behind the song, one thing remains, it is beautiful, magical even, surely worth listening to.

To listen to crickets sing—which sounds like a human choir, click here.


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