November 19, 2013

Hanuman Would be Proud of this Commercial.

It doesn’t matter that Van Damme has supports under his feet and suspension cords in case he falls.

The dude did the splits mid-air between two moving massive trucks, set to Enya singing, “Who can say where the road goes..?, ” and it down right kicks asana.

I think Van Damme made Hanuman proud with this extension. After all, wasn’t it Hanuman that stretched his body wide enough to bring medicine off of the mountain, saving the life of his beloved Sita, the Goddess he also proved his loyalty to by ripping his chest open, revealing that his heart was in the shape of both Sita and Rama.

I love the mythology behind the postures that we practice, and I also love this beautiful commercial that brings to light the spirited and devoted yogi, Hanuman.  Even if we don’t know the name of the monkey deity, or that the splits were named after him, the video captures the grace and bravery of our wondrous Hanuman.

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{Photo: Marco Fedele}

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