November 1, 2013

Heart Sings Stairway to Heaven & Obama is Officially the Coolest President.

(I suggest listening to this clip with the volume cranked up.)

Growing up I not only listened to Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, I also sang along as my brother’s played it on their guitars.

I always loved Heart, too; singing their Barracuda song always made me feel like a strong female.

But this video of Heart singing Stairway to Heaven, in honor of Led Zeppelin, brought Robert Plant to tears, and understandably so, it was/is magnificent. The choir, the strings and all their super band powers all come together and bring some of the finest sounds alive (again) in honor of one of the greatest rock bands, Led Zeppelin.

Obama and Michelle are in the audience rocking out to this classic hall of fame rock and roll song and the image of them there, in my heart, makes Obama officially the coolest president the United States has ever known.

Blessings to good ol’ rock-n-roll. It’s a fabulously touching, good sounding tribute.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise



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