November 8, 2013

I Know What I Want. How Can I Make It Happen? ~ Baba Dez

As we heal ourselves, the consciousness we feel can begin to direct itself outward to all of creation including our families, communities, nations and world.

Not long ago, I ran into my friend Jill at the post office. We fell into a conversation about how the relationship she truly desired kept eluding her in spite of her intelligence, physical beauty and financial success.

Then I ran into Scott at the market hurrying to get to work. We exchanged a couple of witty remarks about “the old grind” and he suddenly said with some seriousness, “I have a great family, a great relationship, a great appreciation for life, and… I hate my job.”

Why is it that some of things we desire seem to fall into our laps, while other things seem unachievable?

Many of us have been dreaming, visualizing, affirming, praying, even crying and screaming for what we want and our desires continue to go unmet.

Throughout time human beings have sought to build the power necessary for manifestation. Breaking down what happens between the moment of initial desire and actual manifestation has become a major area of study for many of us. Most realize that it requires some power or energy to make things happen or manifest something.

What are the sources of energy available to us and how do we tap into these sources?

There is Divine Energy, which is the power that is behind all of creation. This encompasses the stars, our sun, the planets and every object and being in our reality.

The closest and easiest power source to learn from, tap into and study is the power source of our own beings.

Where are we building personal power and where are we draining it?

Often times we are losing power and we are not even aware that we are doing so. It is crucial that we become more attuned to our power and deepen in our awareness to plug the leaks and harness the power within ourselves.

Our ability to feel what is happening with our energy and how we are expending it is critical. This requires awareness and sensitivity.

As a society, we are conditioned to avoid certain feelings, which dampens our overall ability to feel. Consequently, our response to the emotions and situations that create these feelings is muted and incomplete.

Feeling fully and deeply is a good thing; our ability to feel is directly related to the emotional body. The emotional body is part of the feminine aspect or principle, whereas awareness, responding and choosing are part of the mind, or the masculine aspect.

One might draw an analogy between our ideal natural state and the proverbial Garden of Eden, where all desires were met and everything was provided.

Judeo-Christian tenets would seek to place the responsibility for our “falling from grace” on Eve, who represents the feminine. This is only one small example of how we are encouraged to polarize the feminine and masculine aspects of our being.

These erroneous beliefs become anchored in the subconscious and continue the internal rift between the mind and the emotions, or the masculine and feminine aspects.

This disconnection and the dispossession of the emotional body are a direct result of the discrediting of the female aspect and detachment from feminine energy that has been perpetuated by the masculine dominated patriarchy.

There are many best selling fiction and non-fiction books today that address this issue. Some offer support for healing and restoration. As more consciousness arises and we acknowledge that we must heal these unhealthy paradigms, many of us are inspired to answer the call by creating awareness and transformation deep within ourselves.

As we heal ourselves, the consciousness we feel can begin to direct itself outward to all of creation including our families, communities, nations and world.

Ultimately, the marriage of the divine feminine and masculine is reflected internally by the alignment and merging of our own emotional body and mind. The resulting equanimity and clarity we receive is the basis of our power to manifest desire.

This healing and marriage is not a mental process although the mind plays a very important role. Without the mind opening up and letting go of its agenda and bullying, there is little room for the emotional body to stand by its side in total partnership.

The emotional body needs to be recognized, reclaimed, protected, honored and exercised.

Easier said than done.

The mind often thinks that this new way of relating will result in pain and death, and in a way the mind is right. The pain is about being willing to feel all of the suffering the physical body, emotional body, and heart has endured for so long under the tyranny of the mind. And the death is about the death of an old entrenched way that the mind learned in order to survive in a reality of fear, guilt, and competition.

When the mind is willing to hold the space and witness this process, the stage is set for something amazing to happen.

As the mind opens to receive this backlog of painful and previously unresolved emotions a merging occurs. It is the divine marriage of the mind and emotional body, or our internal masculine and feminine.

In this new union of love and acceptance the Heart and the Body are transformed and reborn. Held resentment, anger and sadness are expressed and released. The mind embraces its sacred job, to witness without judgment, hold space, create safety, discern and choose appropriately.

The gifts start arriving; new information, insights, inspiration, and energy that were previously withheld are now flowing in from the emotional body, physical body, and heart.

This new relationship is a conduit to Divine energy and we start to tap into the unlimited resources of the universe. In this place we feel all of our desire, let go of our desire and experience the merging of our desire with Divine desire.

This is also known as the Tantric Path.

Now comes the juicy part: when we merge with another in sacred sexual union and are fully feeling each other’s emotional bodies in alignment with our hearts and physical bodies, the combined desire and intent are amplified to a quantum degree.

We merge with divinity and are able to manifest heaven on earth.

And yes, we also get the relationship and job we always wanted.


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