November 25, 2013

Living in Color: Who Said Getting Older Can’t be Glamorous?

Within our society, we tend to adopt the thought that we should throw away the old and bring in the new.

We think that getting older means disappearing into the woodwork and wearing drab colors.

We certainly don’t think of getting older as wearing trendy Dr. Martin boots or sparkly high top tennis shoes (though, I honestly can see them in mine, if I’m gifted enough to reach my golden years).

As an activist against the stereotypical views of what it means to be a senior, viewing this video on seniors living an authentically bold, colorful and zesty life, filled me with pure joy.

Some of the wise ladies in the film practice yoga, tai chi and dance. They all possess the common thought that getting old doesn’t mean that they have to sit by idly, and refrain from showing their personality or style. They celebrate their lives with color and joy. They even shop at thrift stores, “charity shops,” to fill their wardrobes with great style.

These women are deeply inspiring and refreshing to me. As a women nearly approaching 45 (though I don’t feel 45 at all), it makes me even more excited about getting older.

Growing old certainly is worth celebrating in color.

This film speaks to my own mix and match, sometimes eclectic style. My style doesn’t have to die, or be defined by what is “age appropriate.” These six women give permission and inspiration for us to carry on with our own style, and to carry it with us until our last breath.

Through watching these older women talk, I found that there’s no truth to the awful sentence engrained in so many of us, “You’re too old to wear that.” These ladies show beautifully that we truly can live, and go out, in style.



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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

{Photo: flickr}

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