November 6, 2013

Speedo + Cussing = Yoga Superstar.

He is often referred to as The Most Famous Yoga Teacher in the World, by none other than…himself.

Back in 1996 when I first got into yoga, I would roam the studios throughout Santa Monica, falling deeper and deeper in love with the ancient practice.

One morning, I ventured over to Beverly Hills to take class with The Most Famous Yoga Teacher in the World.

The room was packed with over 100 people.

And there he stood.

Shiny body. Balled hair. Little Speedo holding tight. And a microphone.

Wow, this was the real deal, I thought. Just like how it is in India.

Minutes passed. He had not yet spoken. I waited and waited.

What would the The Most Famous Teacher in the World’s first words be?

Surely something poetic, honey flowing from his lips.

A muscular dude shuffled into class late and found his spot in the back of the room.

The Most Famous Yoga Teacher in the World zeroed in on this muscular dude and said, “You! You in the back! You look good on outside…”

He paused.

“You sh*t on the inside!!!”


Rabbi and Kabbalic scholar Lawrence Kushner tells a story.

One morning he walks to his doorstep to retrieve the morning paper. There is also a bird on the doorstep.

He makes eye contact with the bird and the bird makes eye contact with him.

They both have this feeling they are not supposed to get this close. But for that brief instant, he has a brush with another world.

That is how we connect with The Universe…in brief moments, small encounters, whisks of coincidence that brush across our lives.

If we pay attention, we see the mosaic of images and messages which string together in the most gorgeous ways.

But most of us, myself included, are far too busy to give credence to these brief encounters.

And the only way most of us learn to pay attention is when a shiny man in a speedo screams through a microphone:

You sh*t on the inside!!! 

In some way today, do you feel life cutting (or cussing) at your soul?

Do yourself a favor. Ease your pain and struggle now.

Listen. Pay attention.

Can you think back on recent coincidences? They are meaningful beyond measure. Don’t even think. Just trust and explore who you bumped into or who you’ve heard about from three different sources.

Do you feel physical pain? That’s your soul trying to get your attention and plead with you for more purpose, more Trust, more love, more self-discovery. Personally, I am dealing with terrible lower back pain this morning.


Do you feel scarcity, loneliness, illness? That is a layer of tension and fear blocking the flow of life and love. (note to self)

You can spend years at the feet of a guru, who squeezes you dry, and maybe then, you will Listen.

But why wait years and sweat out your soul…

…when with one deep, long, soothing, revitalizing breath…

…you can reconnect with the rhythm of nature…and your soul.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise


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Read 3 comments and reply

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