November 13, 2013

Women in Japan Can Now Eat Burgers in Public. {Video}

Is the mask for the burger liberating as the Japanese women feel it is—or is it another form of censorship and control for them to have to endure?

I don’t fully know—and I suppose it depends on one’s cultural background.

The small Geisha mouth is idealized in Japan so a burger joint, advertising its big burgers, made a special burger wrapper just for women, so that they, alongside their male counterparts can also enjoy the newly advertised big burger with more meat.

When women take a bite their mouths stay hidden behind the wrapper, since a big mouth, or an open mouth for women in Japan, is considered rude and also unfeminine.

I don’t know how liberating this is—but then I have never been to Japan and I don’t know what it’s like not being able to eat a burger at all.

On some level it seems like a good thing, because they are now able to eat burgers, and the sales for this burger has risen because of these small mouth burger wrappers.

But a part of me also feels the wrappers are yet another mask women have to hide behind. And the vegetarian in me feels one should leave the burger behind, but that’s imposing my own taste.

Essentially, I am reminded, there are many paths, and that we must always be open to all paths, as the great Dalai Lama teaches.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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