December 30, 2013

Be Like Humble Rice. ~ Tyler Lewke

A long time ago, a dear teacher and friend invited me to behave like the full moon.

Bold and beautiful, untouchable in my actions, brightly shining no matter what conditions prevailed. I’ve attempted to do this over and over again for years now. The storms still cloud me, but the light doesn’t get extinguished anymore.

More recently, another friend and teacher suggested I be my own best friend—something I had never once considered. I know how to be an amazing friend and learning how to do that with myself enriched me beyond anything else.

This week, I asked another noble friend to share their recent experience in Bali—I could tell by the spark in her eyes that something deep and sacred had happened.

“In Bali there is a saying: be like humble rice. When rice is growing it begins as straight and tall, strong and unbendable, confident—almost arrogant. Once it is ready for harvest, mature rice bends and lowers itself to the ground. It has matured and found humility.”

My personal strategic plan for 2014 is to behave like the full moon, be my own best friend, be like humble rice.

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Assistant Editor: Bronwyn Petry

Photo: Deidre Trudeau on Pinterest

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