December 25, 2013

How to be a Real Man? Hint: it’s not what they Say.

Alpha! Manly! Wait: Boys can feel Emotion and still be great young men..

Being a Real Man is about being okay with one’s own emotions, and being open and feeling with others.

But society teaches us something very different. Man up!

From the folks behind MissRepresentation.

an exploration of American masculinity.


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Real Men wear Shorty Shorts.

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Sweet comment via Reddit: 

I never realized the extent this until I bought a Miata.

Holy shit, I get it, it’s a little car and it’s red. I’ve heard it a thousand times now.

I don’t deny the fact of what the car is, but I always thought it was a simple joke. Each car has a personality and soul, as does the miata. Some cars are boats, some are chariots, the miata is cute and nimble. Car guys make jokes about eachothers rides all the time, but it is no big deal. I assumed the miata jokes were the same.

However outside of a true car enthusiast crowd the shear amount of people telling me their opinions of it is ridiculous. This video speaks much truth.

I grew up on a farm in eastern europe, gender roles were very well written and followed, boys were tough, girls are to be protected. Yet none of my burly bearded uncles would ever care if they saw me in that car. Then again, male or female everyone was required to carry their own weight at the farm, or else we didn’t have enough to eat. Such is poor life.

The west has serious issues regarding sexuality, and gender “roles”. I wear swim shorts in canada, long enough to cover half my knee. My cousins back home wear shorts with similar length to 80s basketball shorts. I recall getting out of the water and my shorts were heavy and full of water in the pockets, I stood there and watched everyone else running around and I thought “dammit, I’m so out of place here”. I was the insecure one.

Got me a set of shorter shorts next day, and my tan lines looked silly.

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