December 13, 2013

I had a Case of the “bah humbugs”, but then this Video Reignited my Holiday Mojo.

As I race into the Holiday season and feel the time slipping through my fingers I have begun to get a bit of the “bah humbugs”.

The joy that the Season generally brings me, is waning.

I have to reach for it instead of seeing it there right in front of me.

My heart has been heavy because of this and as I continue to hope that at some point my energy will spark and my excitement will replenish I have become resign to the fact that perhaps this year may just not have the mojo I am searching for.

I talk with my friends and family and the spark still does not ignite. Parties are attended and I go through the motions but am left with a feeling of wanting.

This Jolly old elf is anything but.

It is not as though I am ungrateful for all that surrounds me—it is merely that my energy is depleted and I have yet to encounter that one thing that lights my belief back up again.

Until today.

An unexpected surprise within video form brought me a smile that started deep within—beginning in my heart and staying there to carry me through to the New Year (and beyond!) It is a reminder that the magic of Christmas and the Holiday Season still exists in surprises, wonder, and joy.

Thank you WestJet Airlines.

I believe.


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