December 14, 2013

My Encounter with an Alien.

I spent the past weekend in Sedona for the annual Yoga for Foodies retreat at Mii Amo.

With swirling red rock formations permeating its Grand Canyonesque landscape, Sedona is known for energy vortices, New Age bookstores, and some of the most intensely spiritual people you will ever find.

A few days ago, a longtime Sedona local and someone I consider a friend spoke to me about life, love, and happiness. And then he said something you will only hear in Sedona.

He said, “I’ve been bi-locating, and spending time on Venus. ”


It felt sort of like someone turning to you in yoga and saying, “I totally made out with our rabbi last night.” Or if you’re a dude, it’s like watching football with your buddies and one of them saying, “Tom Brady is sooooo cute!”

We’re talking conversational bombs to which there is no possible response.

Or is there?

Over the past few days, I began reading A Course in Miracles.

The book teaches that every obstacle, every disease and every struggle stems from a blockage of love. And the greatest blockage of all exists in the mind.

To understand the difference between a blocked mind and an open one, consider the following:

A man saw Picasso on a train and had the courage to say, “Picasso, why is your art so weird?

Picasso was kind enough to engage the man and said, “Explain weird.”

The man said, “Well why don’t you paint reality?”

Picasso said, “Explain reality.”

So the man reached for his wallet and removed a small picture of his wife and child. He handed it to

Picasso looked at it, studied it very carefully, then said, “Your wife and child are very small. And flat too.”

So who’s crazy? The man on the train, or Picasso? Me, or the guy who bi-locates on Venus?

To anyone out there who feels blocked in matters of health or money or romance, how about thinking bigger? In lieu of working harder, how about loving deeper?

Open yourself to the possibilities and the possibilities will open to you.

Here are three questions (and don’t cheat yourself!):

1. In what way are you most closed and how does that serve you?

2. How could you pry open your mind and heart to someone or something better, easier, and different?

3. If you are looking for change, you have to ask for it. What do you have to lose?!

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