December 13, 2013

You Know You’re a Yogi When…

Seven signs you’re a yogi:

1) You don’t care about the Lululemon controversy—not really—all you want to do is hop on your mat and move and breathe. Mmmmm…

2) You don’t care if other yoga practitioners don’t truly “get it” yet—because you know that the practice itself leads people down the right path (for them).

3) You appreciate this story of a beloved yoga student: an elderly woman in a chair yoga class closed out her practice by bringing her palms together, placing her thumb knuckles on the center of her forehead, and saying have a nice day rather than namaste.

4) During your practice, you listen to your body and breath—and rest in child’s pose when what you “really” want to do is crank out one more vinyasa sequence.

5) During your practice, you listen to your body and breath—and move through one more vinyasa sequence when what you “really” want to do is rest in child’s pose.

6) That new face on the mat next to you—trying out a yoga class for the first time—fills you with joy and happiness—because you know that this first, hesitantly shy step has just changed his or her life for the better.

7) You know that not all yogis—yourself included—are “hippies”—but you don’t care about this erroneous label because you also know that there are much worse things to be called.

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