January 1, 2014

How to be a Dream Chaser. ~ Sarah Callaham

Dreams. They do come true. Maybe not how we think they should, but that’s just part of the journey.

They shift and transform, but they never waver. They’re always there. As that shining, guiding star. They’re what create goals. Keep us moving. Keep us progressing. They’re what allow us to push through the pain, and give us reposeful focus through the dark.

Dreams from the brightest of days help us through the darkest of nights. So why is it the seemingly, only acceptable time for us to dream is when we lay our heads down to sleep at night? Is it to rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul with the goals we want to accomplish while we’re awake? Is it to give our waking-self and days more meaning? And, if that is true, then why is it when we’re asleep our dreams are driven by our subconscious? Uncontrollable.

Why don’t we place more attention to consciously dreaming-while we’re awake-allowing our full being to be enveloped by the aspirations and intentions we want for our lives?

Is society worried it will lose its mindless drones? That the infrastructure will fall apart?

I believe in the contrary. I believe in passion. In doing what you love. Not living a life out of Fear. Fear of the unknown; of the ‘what if.’ Fear of what society will think of you.

Think about what would happen if everyone lived out their dreams, and how that would translate globally.

Through everyone’s passion for what they were doing, how they were living their lives, our world would be filled with love, happiness, bliss, and kindness to a point where even the most mundane things most people don’t enjoy doing, would be done with eagerness. Eagerness to help their families, friends, and global neighbors.

I think it’s time we dive deep into our hearts and feel what it is our soul needs to live a little truer. To live our lives with more passion. To be happy-not just in fleeting moments, but to feel an underlying happiness intrinsic to our being alive.

I believe in chasing my dreams.

Take some time to sit down and truly answer these questions as deeply as you want to, but without over thinking it. Answer with the first thing that unapologetically comes to your mind.

  1. What makes you happy?
  2. Who are you happiest with?
  3. Where are you happiest?
  4. If you could do anything in the world, where money is no object, what would you do?
  5. What’s the one thing you’ve always dreamed of doing, but have always rationalized against it?
  6. How are you going to make that a reality?

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Assistant Editor: Morgan Webert/Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Read 1 comment and reply

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