January 16, 2014

Ready or Not. ~ Jillian Locke

All in due time
See the world through different eyes.
All in due time
The shadows will give way to light.

~ Killswitch Engage

It all comes in due time.

All of it. 

A release, an unblocking, a movement. It’s what we’ve been craving, begging for. Dying for. It’s all or nothing.

Everything comes down to this moment, this essence, this dial in time. It’s terrifying because it’s the culmination of everything we’ve ever hoped and dreamed, but deep down, may not have truly believed was ever possible.

Suddenly, there is clarity, understanding and putting the pieces together. Rising above and seeing a lifetime of patterns suddenly come crashing down, revealing the truth behind the pieces that never seem to fit before, but suddenly do.

And not just fit; they create a new puzzle, one you’ve been meticulously building without even realizing it. It all comes pouring out, spilling over. The momentum is so great that it’s almost impossible to hold on. Suddenly, you’re speeding through time where, once, stagnation ruled. You’re galloping forward, kicking up clouds of debris and stardust. You’re closing the door on the old road and plummeting full speed ahead.

You’re no longer fixated on the darkness. Now, you’re mystified by the light. Entranced. Inspired. All of a sudden, it’s the only road. Only option. And it’s the only thing remaining because you’ve made it that way.

There’s no going back. You’ve waited, built, forged forward. Everything you’ve ever done, every decision you’ve ever made, every mistake you’ve ever fallen in and out of, it’s all here. It’s all now.

And it’s all behind you.

You shake, you tremble. You feel it gushing out of you. You only hope you can run fast enough, see clearly enough, write quickly enough to capture it. But it’s not meant to be captured.

It’s meant to be unleashed. It’s meant to explode, to burst forth and paint the night sky with the galaxy simmering in your stomach. It’s meant to blow your heart into a trillion different pieces, and it’s your job to reassemble them into a mosaic so glaringly different and beautiful that it just might blind you.

Good. Blind yourself. Dash every false belief, every false shadow you’ve seen cross the face of the reflection staring back at you.

It didn’t happen overnight, but it’s happening now. And it’s got the momentum of the universe behind it. It’s the power of a thousand stampeding stallions, ready to usher you into the reality you’ve only ever fantasized about.

Ready or not…and you know you’re ready.

It’s here—your time is now.


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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: elephant archives

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